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sle – Saturday, June 30, 2007

30 Jun

7:00 – haha, i finally decided to do some of the comcast exercise shows.  i did two 10 minute stretch and warm up routines.  The first 10 minutes was stretching with the medicine ball.  The second 10 minutes was a quick stretch warm up with 5lb weights.

7:30 – An egg white and banana

10:15 – Some baby carrots

12:00 – Left overs from my lunch yesterday.  Less than a serving of brown fried rice, and 3 small pieces of chicken

1:00 – a little bit of refried beans

6:30 – a handful of peanuts and dried berries

8:30 – 3 chili dogs w/o rice. 2 white salmon sashimi, and 1 hamachi sashimi.  I also had spinach and tofu.

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sle – Friday, June 29, 2007

29 Jun

5:00 – Ran for 25 minutes(speed interval program).  Elliptical for 20 minutes

7:00 – Banana and an egg white

10:00 – Watermelon

12:10 – Amarin Thai!!  The must have Fried Brown Rice with Sweet Chicken, Egg, Green Apple & Red Onion.  I ate half the rice, 4 pieces of chicken, all the apples, and all the salad.  I also had the cup of soup they serve at the beginning!

6:00 – Some steamed broccoli and cauliflower

7:00 – 1/4 grilled salmon and  salad

8:30 – A handful of dried apples

10:20 – Banana and strawberries

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Starting Fat Smash Phase II

28 Jun

5:00 – Worked on back and biceps for an hour

6:45 – A banana

8:00 – Low Sugar Peaches n Cream Oatmeal

9:55 – an egg white and some carrots.

11:30 – Elliptical for 30 minutes

1:00 – Veggie Fried Rice

2:30 – Watermelon

5:00 – Snacked on dried apples(unsweetened)

6:30 – I think I had a 4oz piece of basa fillet(half a fillet, steamed).  Side of cauliflower and brocolli.

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sle – Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27 Jun

5:00 – Worked on triceps, and walked for 20 minutes

7:00 – An egg white and a banana

8:30 – Two plums

10:20 – Baby carrots and an egg white

11:05 AM – ARGH!!  I feel bad.  I just remembered at this second that I had a prawn yesterday at the Four Seasons.  The caterer brought out a prawn that he wanted us to try, and i ate the whole thing!!  TSK TSK TSK!  Damn, even when I was going home snacking on carrots, I didn't remember that I cheated.  WOOPSY!!

12:20 – Salad with balsamic vinagerette.

3:30 – A plum

5:00 – Watermelon

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sle – Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 Jun

6:40 – Banana

8:40 – egg white and a plum…prolly gonna make some oatmeal too.

11:15 – an egg white…can u tell i like egg whites?  LOL

11:30 – Ran with the speed interval program for 30 minutes.  Did some dips.

12:50 – A plum and some fried rice with asparagus, snap peas, and cabbage.  A handful of sweet potato fries.


4:30 – Baby carrots

6:30 – Snacking on watermelon

7:00 – Made my pizza!  The crust contained chickpeas, oatmeal, some E.V.O.O, an egg white, and Italian seasoning.  I topped the pizza with tomato paste and mushrooms.  Thank god for the tomato paste!  It was pretty tasteful.  I had some sweet potato fries!!

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sle – Monday, June 25, 2007

25 Jun

5:00 – Shoulders(25 min) and Stairmaster(20 min)

7:30 – Banana

9:40 – Peaches n Cream and an egg white

12:00 – Biked for 30 minutes and did one shoulder exercise

1:00 – Carrot sticks, salad, and two plums

2:30 – two plums

3:30 – Baby carrots and an egg white.

WOW, i've snacked a lot today.

5:00 – I snacked even more when I got home: watermelon, plums, and sweet potato fries.

7:30 – Veggie Soup with sweet potato fries and cabbage

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24 Jun

Tran's mom made Pho at home, and he just left to go eat it. 😦

7:30 – 5k run and worked on abs for a bit

8:45 – Banana

10:00 – 2 egg whites and a nectarine

1:30 – Strawberry whirl all fruit jamba juice and a small veggie soup

7:00 – Sweet potato fries!  Also, I had a small serving of brown rice with baby bok choy and asparagus

Man…I can't have PHO for a whole month!!!  AAAHHH!

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