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30 Nov

5:00 – worked on back for about 10 minutes, then did the stairmaster for 20 minutes.  walked on the treadmill for another 20.

7:30 – went to starbucks this morning and got myself a soy chai latte and half a lemon scone.

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sle – Thursday, November 29, 2007

29 Nov

5:00 – did speed intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  then worked on biceps.

7:25 – a banana

10:45 – an egg white

11:30 – oooh man, boot camp was agonizing today!!  i ran/walked for 20 minutes, then did boot camp for 40 minutes.  i deserve some chocolate, but i think i'll try to hold out for as long as i can…let's see how long it will last.

1:20 – im scarfing down an apple, had some pretzels, and i grabbed a hershey kiss.

4:00 – i had some gummies

6:30 – went to jan's house, had some tamarine/cabbage soup, and a small bowl of steak salad.  had 3 hawaiian rolls.

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28 Nov

I didn't get up to go to the gym today.  I was up, just got cold and lazy.  I'll make it up on Saturday.

7:00 – a banana

it was a bad morning, and i was super hungry by 11:00

11:30 – i took phung to sweet tomatos for her bday…i had salad, a cup of soup with some chicken in it, a slice of bread without the insides, half a cranberry apple mufiin, and … :-X 3 blueberry muffins.  LOL. i should go to the gym after work.

7:30 – rotisserie chicken with hawaiian bread.

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sle – Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27 Nov

5:00 – worked on shoulders and biked for 30 minutes

6:50 – ate a banana

9:30 – an egg white

11:20 – instead of boot camp on tuesday, they changed the class to circuit training, and i did that for 30 minutes

12:30 – an egg white and and an apple

2:30 – veggie soup and a couple of pretzels

4:00 – some pineapple

6:30 -i ate some sweet potato fries…wasn't too hungry.  but i did have two chocolate chip cookies and some milk. lol.  i had to because i made a new batch. 😉

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the temptation…

26 Nov

is killing me!  i was a fat girl this week, and it's totally noticeable.  it sucks that i come into work this morning, and find a nice big bag of dove chocolate sitting in our snack station.  **sigh**

5:00 – worked on triceps and elliptical for 30 minutes

6:45 – a banana

9:30 – an egg white and apple cinnamon oatmeal

11:30 – an egg white

11:40 – ran/walked 5k

12:42 – salad

2:50 – i caved and had one dove chocolate, a cutie, and some nuts

5:00 – an apple and a few gummi bears

6:30 – veggie soup and sweet potato fries

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black friday

24 Nov

6:30 – did the stairmaster for 30 minutes, worked on biceps, then did the elliptical for 20 minutes

9:00 – ate 2 clementines

11:00 – munched on some pineapple and two egg whites

12:30 – had a burrito bol at chipolte

3:00 – some gummies, and a bit of ghiredelli caramel chocolate

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22 Nov

7:00 – oatmeal

9:40ish?- ran and walked a 10k

10:35 – banana and a fruit bar

11:00 – had to have my non-fat caramel machiatto

it didn't seem like i ate a lot, but i sure was full.

a little bit of tukey, ham, sweet potato fries, creamy corn, some bread, apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream, and two slices of fruit tart. =)

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