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sle – Thursday, January 31, 2008

31 Jan

5:00 – yay, i pulled myself out of bed.  worked on shoulders and elliptical for 30 minutes

7:05 – BANANA

11:00 – an egg white

11:50 – ran 1 mile at 7.0mph then did bootcamp for 40 minutes

1:00 – an egg white

2:30 – turkey chili

4:00 – some pieces of my bagel that i was suppose to have in the morning

6:30 – gouda cheese with crackers and some tamarine….waiting for dinner!!!

8:45 – half of my jambalaya plate, salad, and a small piece of crab cakes.  also had some ice cream.  YUM!  ooh, and a raspberry mojito.

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30 Jan

i woke up too late this morning to go to the gym….

7:15 – BANANA

10:00 – low sugar oatmeal

11:20 – aaah lunch was a disaster!  they brought in togos for lunch, and i had 3/4 of a sandwich(half ham/cheese, and the other 1/4 was veggie).  BUT, the bad part was 2 oatmeal cookies….SO YUMMY, but full of sugar.

5:00 – gosh, today was definitely a day of bad eating habits.  sean and i walked around costco to buy some dinner, and we munched on some hot links, and he tempted me in getting a churro.  so we shared one.  my was it YUMMY…nice, hot, and soooo so soft.  i'm glad i went to costco though, they sell noah's bagels! i got a 12 pack and split it with sean. hopefully they'll still be nice and chewy when i heat them up.

geez, i can't believe i blog this much about food.  i gotta work my ass off tomorrow!

7:30 – some chow mein and beef with carrots

8:30 – 2 slices of guava cake…HAPPY BIRTHDAY CESS.

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sle – Tuesday, January 29, 2008

29 Jan

5:00 – ran 5k, then worked on back

6:50 – BANANA

10:00 – low sugar oatmeal

11:30 – did bootcamp for 30 minutes then walked for 10 minutes

12:45 – a cutie, and about to have 2 egg whites.  i didn't pack a lunch, so hopefully i can go home and make a healthy snack!

4:00 – 2 cuties and an apple

6:30 – a bowl of turkey chili with two slices of sara lee whole wheat bread.  i also snacked on some fish sticks.

8:00 – munchin on some tamarine.

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sle – Monday, January 28, 2008

28 Jan

5:00 – worked on biceps then did elliptical for 30  minutes

6:50 – BANANA

9:30 – low sugar oatmeal

11:30 – ran and walked for 35 minutes

12:50 – 1 egg white and some brown rice with veggies

3:30 – half a truffle, and an apple

5:10 – i bought some gouda cheese from trader joes, so i had some with 2 multigran crackers.  YUMMY!  and 2 pieces of dried tamarine(from tj's as well)

7:30 – had some stir fried veggies with sweet potato fries.

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sle – Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 Jan

9:30 – scrambled eggs with one mini whole wheat bagel

12:00 – had lunch at the parents house.  little rice cakes with egg and shrimp, dipped in fish sauce.  best food for a rainy day!  i didn't eat too much though.

2:00 – munched on some skittles(TSK TSK TSK!)

4:00 – half a skinny vanilla latte

7:30 – brown rice with some beef and celery.

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27 Jan

11:00 – whole wheat seasame seed bagel with low-fat cream cheese

3:30 – rice noodle wrapped stuffed with pork

8:30 – a protien hamburger at in-n-out

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25 Jan

6:30 – a mini wheat bagel with organic strawberry spread.

8:30 – aah, i couldn't resist.  i scarfed down a glazed donut.  i'm definitely headed to the gym during lunch.  BAD STEPH!

11:30 – the weather made me really lazy, but i made it to the gym.  i worked on triceps, then ran/walked for 25 minutes.  nothing great…oh well.

2:00 – some cuties…no time for a real lunch!

4:00 – i went to togos, because i didn't have a lunch.  i got the half sandwich & half salad.  so i had HALF of the half salad, and HALF of the half sandwich(turkey and avocado on honey wheat, and asian chicken salad)

7:30 – went to la milpa for dinner. i had their soup with flour tortillas and some enchilada spanish rice

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