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28 Feb

to go workout today.  my body is feeling a bit tired, and i think it's from the yoga, so i'll rest today.

6:00 – coffee with a whole wheat sesame bagel

12:00 – no time to eat, so i just got jamba.  bananaberry

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sle – Wednesday, February 27, 2008

27 Feb

6:30 – BANANA and soy chai tea latte

10:00  – oatmeal

12:00 – hot yoga

1:30 – an egg white and SALAD

4:00 – a lot of tangerines

7:00 – because i didn't cook tonight, tran decided to order baja.  i had two american soft tacos(one with chicken, one with grilled mahi mahi).  it was yummy.  i also had a bit of tran's burrito ultimo.

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sle – Tuesday, February 26, 2008

26 Feb

5:00 – worked on back and biked for 30 minutes.  biking doesn't burn that many calories, but boy was i sweating!!

7:00 – tall soy chai tea latte and a BANANA

10:00 – oatmeal

12:00 -sweet tomatos, nuff said!

3:00 – tangerine

5:30 – hot yoga!

7:30 – some couscos, and a strawberry banana smoothie!  ive missed my smoothies.

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slow monday…

25 Feb

boy, i woke up sore today!  i couldn't get up early to go to the gym.  my sister and i went to the yoga class on sunday.  some of the moves were pretty difficult, and i need to concentrate on my breathing more.  looks like i might be going tonight again.

7:00 – tall soy chai tea latte with a BANANA

10:00 – ate oatmeal

11:30 – ran/walked for 25 minutes then worked on biceps

1:00 – 1/3 of my chicken curry with couscous salad from starbucks.  pretty flavorful!

4:00 – a couple of cuties

5:30 – 2 dove chocolates

7:00 – baked salmon with string beans

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22 Feb

5:00 – worked on triceps, then did speed intervals for 30 minutes.

7:00 – BANANA, tall soy chai tea latte, and a couple pieces of the lemon scone.

9:30 – an egg white to get my through my meeting

1:30 – veggie chili

7:00 – went to tran's parents house and had spring rolls, and some soup!  YUMM-O

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sle – Thursday, February 21, 2008

21 Feb

5:00 – worked on shoulders, then elliptical for 30 minutes

7:00 – went to starbucks…so HUNGRY.  i halved a ham, egg, sandwich with peter.  and i got a skinny vanilla latte.  im not liking the sandwich.

10 – 2 egg whites

12:45 – i got lazy so i didn't go to the gym.  went to togos, and got the half sandwich and soup meal.  vegetarian soup and ate 3/4 of my honey wheat lemon tuna sandwich.

3:00 – dried tamarine

7:00 – aah this is so bad, but we went to costco, and i ended up taking 4 bits of tran's polish dog.  and then i ate most of the churro. 😦

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it’s raining its pouring…

20 Feb

i didn't wake up to go to the gym this morning

7:00 – tall soy chai tea latte with extra foam and an egg white

9:30 – oatmeal and some pretzels

12:30 – veggie chili

2:30 – half a cupcake, half a cake pop from saturday's shindig

5:00 – lots of tamarine

7:00 – one slice of whole wheat pizza and salad.

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