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monday blues

29 Apr

5:00 – ran for 40 minutes

7:30 – went to the breakfast buffett.  i had lots of fruit, a small bowl of cereal, and half of the half egg mcmuffin.  also ordered a grande SFV caramel machiatto(extra foam).

12:00 – roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese on wheat bread

5:00 – okay…here is a TFG move.  we left on-time today, so i decided to drive to newport beach.  for what you ask?  hahahha, i bought cupcakes at SPRINKLES!!!  lol.  i bought 5 of them.  didn't eat any yet, and knew i was being a fat girl, so i found a trader joe's and bought my reduced fat shrimp louie salad.

7:00 – got back to the hotel and walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes.  i gotta earn my cupcake!!!

8:00 – worked a little while eating dinner.  ate my vanilla chocolate cupcake.

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a tired sunday

29 Apr

and i wish i didn't have to travel.  woke up very tired but i made it to yoga

9:00 – HOT YOGA

12:00 – took forever to go eat because tran was hungover.  i ate most of his food, because i didn't eat anything all morning.  half of his noodles and some egg flour thing

6:00 – got a caramel machiatto because it was sooo damn hot in Anaheim.

7:00 – went to eat with warren and linh at some vietnamese restaurant that i was craving.  ubbber healthy except for the fact that we went to pinkberry afterwards.  YUMMY!!!!!

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26 Apr

i finally slept in today!!!  woke up at 9AM.

10:30 – a tall skinny caramel machiatto(very bitter, but oh well), and a cup of special k cereal

hmm…let me see if i can remember what we ate on saturday

2:00 – went to Pluto's at santana row and had a side salad(all the fixings) with steak

4:00 – ruined my lunch when we stopped at my mom's house.  my cousin's extra b-day cake was there and i had two small pieces(or 1 big piece)

7:00 – SAMS!!  that was healthy.  hahaha, sorta.   we ordered the chef's special(but they hooked us up with two custards)..

10:00 – hmmm…lots of alcohol

2:30 – cup-o-noodles at cess and ron's house.  **SIGH**

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25 Apr

aaah, im glad i worked hard at the gym because today is going to be a fatty, oily, sugary day.  YAY for fridays

5:00 – worked on shoulders, and ran for 25 minutes.  i ran at 5.0 mph for 5 minutes, then did intervals for 18 minutes.  i was dying!!!  but i made it.

7:15 – grande skinny vanilla latte and so far i had 1/4 of a maple donut bar.  SIGH!!

9:00 – had 1 full glazed donut

12:00 – went to sweet tomatos, and had a lot of salad, 1 cup of soup, 3 blueberry muffins, and ice cream.  HAHAHAH

5:00 – tamarind

7:00 – went to botown for my cousin's 16 b-day.  didn't eat too much food(couple pieces of walnut shrimp, some crab, 1/3 a cup of rice)

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sle – Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 Apr

5:00 – worked on biceps, then did the SELF cardio challenge #3 on the treadmill.  Lots of uphill intervals.  25 minutes

7:00 – i'm eating a good grain bagel with 1tsp of reduced fat cream cheese.  i also have a grande skinny vanilla latte.  i know i know, super big and carby breakfast, but i have a long day.

11:40 – walked for 15 minutes, then did the first half of boot camp(sculpt and strengthening)

12:45 – in a hurry, so i ate the reduced fat crab and shrimp salad from tj's.  it's soooooooooo good, and only 270 calories!

2-4:30 – i ate a whole bag of tamarind!!

5:30 – hot yoga

8:00 – a 4oz of london broil steak with asparagus and spinach.  i also had sweet potato fries.  my dessert was mango and tamarind.  YUMMY

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and we are off to the second round!!!

23 Apr

YAY!!  the game last night was great!  and i couldn't get up to go to the gym, so i exercised at home

5:10 – did 8 SELF strengthening exercises, 2 sets each.  then did the "jump of jiggle": warmed up with 2 minutes of boxer shuffle.  did intervals for 20 minutes: 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute boxer shuffle with punches and front kicks.  then cooled down for 2 minutes with boxer shuffle.

6:45 – banana and 3/4 of my grande skinny vanilla latte

10:00 – half of my oatmeal

12:00 – i totally pigged out at lunch…ON SUSHI.  we went to sushi o sushi, and i had a summer breeze, and half of my lion king roll.  semi-healthy….i'll work it off tonight.

4:30 – stayed late at work because i have yoga.  had 1 tbsp of nuts

5:30 – HOT YOGA

8:00 – whole wheat pita bread with a spread of hummus, spinach, and a side of asparagus.  had some tamarind, mango, and grapes for dessert.

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22 Apr

aah, i know today is gonna be a bad day of eating, because we are going to the sharks game.  lots of temptations, especially since i'm with all the boys.  **sigh**.  i gotta workout hard today and tomorrow, and try to eat right all day today.

5:00 – worked on back for 25 minutes, then did a cardio exercise on the elliptical for 25 minutes

6:45 – got a berry topper from jamba juice.  i've only eaten about 1/4 of it.  hopefully only gonna eat 3/4.  it's so yummy!

11:00 – an egg white

11:30 – biked for 20 minutes, then did 8 SELF strengthening exercises(two sets each).

1:30 – i sooo did not eat my salad.  i thought it was really really boring, and i forgot dressing.  i ended up eating an apple, an egg white, and munched on 2 tbsp of almonds/cashews.  surprisingly, i'm not hungry yet.  but it's almost game time!!

5:00 – munchin' on tamarind while waiting for the boys to get home

7:00 – half of my turkey, ham, and cheese togos sandwich. i had half of my ice grande  skinny caramel machiatto.  i also had half of an ice cream bar(ben and jerry's).  yikes, and i had half a snikerdoodle from starbucks.

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