22 Apr

aah, i know today is gonna be a bad day of eating, because we are going to the sharks game.  lots of temptations, especially since i'm with all the boys.  **sigh**.  i gotta workout hard today and tomorrow, and try to eat right all day today.

5:00 – worked on back for 25 minutes, then did a cardio exercise on the elliptical for 25 minutes

6:45 – got a berry topper from jamba juice.  i've only eaten about 1/4 of it.  hopefully only gonna eat 3/4.  it's so yummy!

11:00 – an egg white

11:30 – biked for 20 minutes, then did 8 SELF strengthening exercises(two sets each).

1:30 – i sooo did not eat my salad.  i thought it was really really boring, and i forgot dressing.  i ended up eating an apple, an egg white, and munched on 2 tbsp of almonds/cashews.  surprisingly, i'm not hungry yet.  but it's almost game time!!

5:00 – munchin' on tamarind while waiting for the boys to get home

7:00 – half of my turkey, ham, and cheese togos sandwich. i had half of my ice grande  skinny caramel machiatto.  i also had half of an ice cream bar(ben and jerry's).  yikes, and i had half a snikerdoodle from starbucks.

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