and we are off to the second round!!!

23 Apr

YAY!!  the game last night was great!  and i couldn't get up to go to the gym, so i exercised at home

5:10 – did 8 SELF strengthening exercises, 2 sets each.  then did the "jump of jiggle": warmed up with 2 minutes of boxer shuffle.  did intervals for 20 minutes: 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute boxer shuffle with punches and front kicks.  then cooled down for 2 minutes with boxer shuffle.

6:45 – banana and 3/4 of my grande skinny vanilla latte

10:00 – half of my oatmeal

12:00 – i totally pigged out at lunch…ON SUSHI.  we went to sushi o sushi, and i had a summer breeze, and half of my lion king roll.  semi-healthy….i'll work it off tonight.

4:30 – stayed late at work because i have yoga.  had 1 tbsp of nuts

5:30 – HOT YOGA

8:00 – whole wheat pita bread with a spread of hummus, spinach, and a side of asparagus.  had some tamarind, mango, and grapes for dessert.

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