sle – Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 Apr

5:00 – worked on biceps, then did the SELF cardio challenge #3 on the treadmill.  Lots of uphill intervals.  25 minutes

7:00 – i'm eating a good grain bagel with 1tsp of reduced fat cream cheese.  i also have a grande skinny vanilla latte.  i know i know, super big and carby breakfast, but i have a long day.

11:40 – walked for 15 minutes, then did the first half of boot camp(sculpt and strengthening)

12:45 – in a hurry, so i ate the reduced fat crab and shrimp salad from tj's.  it's soooooooooo good, and only 270 calories!

2-4:30 – i ate a whole bag of tamarind!!

5:30 – hot yoga

8:00 – a 4oz of london broil steak with asparagus and spinach.  i also had sweet potato fries.  my dessert was mango and tamarind.  YUMMY

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