25 Apr

aaah, im glad i worked hard at the gym because today is going to be a fatty, oily, sugary day.  YAY for fridays

5:00 – worked on shoulders, and ran for 25 minutes.  i ran at 5.0 mph for 5 minutes, then did intervals for 18 minutes.  i was dying!!!  but i made it.

7:15 – grande skinny vanilla latte and so far i had 1/4 of a maple donut bar.  SIGH!!

9:00 – had 1 full glazed donut

12:00 – went to sweet tomatos, and had a lot of salad, 1 cup of soup, 3 blueberry muffins, and ice cream.  HAHAHAH

5:00 – tamarind

7:00 – went to botown for my cousin's 16 b-day.  didn't eat too much food(couple pieces of walnut shrimp, some crab, 1/3 a cup of rice)

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