monday blues

29 Apr

5:00 – ran for 40 minutes

7:30 – went to the breakfast buffett.  i had lots of fruit, a small bowl of cereal, and half of the half egg mcmuffin.  also ordered a grande SFV caramel machiatto(extra foam).

12:00 – roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese on wheat bread

5:00 – okay…here is a TFG move.  we left on-time today, so i decided to drive to newport beach.  for what you ask?  hahahha, i bought cupcakes at SPRINKLES!!!  lol.  i bought 5 of them.  didn't eat any yet, and knew i was being a fat girl, so i found a trader joe's and bought my reduced fat shrimp louie salad.

7:00 – got back to the hotel and walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes.  i gotta earn my cupcake!!!

8:00 – worked a little while eating dinner.  ate my vanilla chocolate cupcake.

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One Response to “monday blues”

  1. Jan Marie April 29, 2008 at 1:16 pm #

    i come home and you're gone! what's this all about?! i was worried monday morning when i didn't see you online LOL. i came from hawaii bearing gifts… from the honolulu cookie company that is;-)

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