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sle – Monday, April 21, 2008

21 Apr

YAY, the results are in, and i did better than anticipated.  i finished at 35:55, with an average of 8:59/mile.  WOO HOO!  now let's hope i can keep that average for the 10k.  it might be a little difficult, but i'll definitely try!!!  i slept in this morning, but i'll still try to keep my 3 session workout today.

6:15 – hummus on a whole wheat pita bread.  i also got a grande skinny vanilla latte, and probably will only drink half of it.

10:45 – two egg whites

11:30 – ran for 30 minutes, walked for 10 minutes.  then worked on triceps for 20 minutes

1:15 – banana

2:15 – 10 pretzels and my salmon salad for lunch

4:45 – a cranberry oatmeal dunker

7:30 – a small bowl of pho

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20 Apr

wooo hooo!! i made it to the run, and got a good time.  i averaged a 9 minute mile finishing at 37 minutes.  my legs don't feel too bad right now, but i sure as hell can eat ANYTHING!!!  i want to go crazy, but i know i shouldn't.

7:00 – BANANA

10:30 – a bowl of special k, and half of a whole wheat english muffin with 1 tbsp of pb.

1:00 – 6" inch turkey sub on honey oat bread

i've been munchin' on tamarind ALLLLL DAAAAY.  i guess this is my cheat snack because i ran this morning.  ooh, i also had a chai tea latte.

6:00 – 3-4 oz of baked salmon with a bowl of salad.  i also made sweet potato fries.  we ordered pizza for the sharks game, and i was VERY VERY GOOD.  i didn't have a single piece. 

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19 Apr

8:00 – HOT YOGA

10:00 – banana and special k cereal with low-fat milk

12:00 – snackin' on tamarind

1:00 – went to thien long.  i had the stir fried noodles with veggies and shrimp.  only ate 1/3 of it

aaah, i hope i do well at the kanye concert tonight.  no munchin!!!

5:30 – had a small bowl of pho…home cooked!!!

the concert was one of the best concerts ever!! kanye is freakin' sick.

9:30 – couple sips of beer, and a few sips of remy red(hahah, taste like wine cooler)

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i’m on the CHEEEECHOOO train

18 Apr

wow, i didn't sleep till 1230 last night, and i was still able to get up to go to the gym.  all this exercising is giving me a lot of energy.  lol

5:00 – worked on triceps, then walked for 30 minutes(fat burner program).

7:00 – BANANA and i ordered a grande soy chai tea latte w/ extra foam.

11:00 – half of my low sugar oatmeal

12:30 – southwestern salad from trader joes

2:30 – i had two oatmeal cranberry dunker…sooo yummy!

5:00 – whole wheat pita with hummus

7:00 – gosh why did my parents want to go to chilis!  i had 2.5 chicken/steak/shrimp fajitas

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AAAAH, the weigh in…**SIGH**

17 Apr

dammit, i weighed myself this morning, and i only lost 1.5 lbs.  so disappointed.  i know my body is a bit leaner, but it sucks not to see the numbers go down on the scale.  i'll measure myself tonight again.  it's been about 2.5 weeks already since ive been going to the gym and trying to watch what i eat.  maybe it's all the tamarind, LOL.   aah, but on a serious note, if i want to get back to pre-wedding weight, i really got to start cutting out the temptations.

5:00 – did the cardio self challenge on the bike for 25 minutes.  this was killer because i was doing uphill intervals.  worked on shoulders for 20 minutes.

7:05 – a banana and non-fat strawberry yogurt

10:00 – low sugar apples n cinnamon oatmeal

11:30 – did boxer shuffle and jump rope intervals for 20 minutes.  did 8 self strengthening exercises.  2 sets each for 40 minutes.

12:45 – gobbled down my salad with fruit, and some pretzels

5:30 – i made some hummus and it was soooo yummy.  i put it on a whole wheat pita bread.  this was my snack before dinner.  hopefully i won't eat as much when we're at roux.

8:30 – so let's start with the healthy food that i ate at roux.  i ordered a cup of gumbo and it was pretty flavorful.  i ate half of it.  i ordered a crab cobb salad, YUMMY!  here goes the bad…i had 2 corn muffins.  it was ooooh soo good.  i used the second corn muffin as a chaser to my drinks.  they were so warm and fluffy, it was addicting (and i ususally don't like corn muffins).  neways, the next bad thing was ICE CREAM!  coffee ice cream was sooooo good!  and then there were the drinks.  shared a hurricane with the girls, had a lychee cosmo, and a shot of grey groose(chaser was cranberry juice).  i prolly consumed 800-900 calories.  but i still didn't go over 2000, so i guess that's good.


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16 Apr

i'm nervous about the run this afternoon.  we'll see how i do.  i woke up this morning, but my chest was still sore, so i decided to just sleep. HAHAHA

7:00 – i need energy to get through my run today!!!  noah's good grain power bagel with a tall skinny vanilla latte extra foam

11:30 – YAY!!  i did the run.  it was easy…but i started to feel a little cramp during the last mile.  got through it though.  i think our time was between 35-40 minutes because i don't know when we started.  my co-worker said we started around 11:40.  WOO HOO!  i feel great!

1:00 – 6" turkey sub on honey oat.


5:50 – did 8 SELF strengthening exercises(2 sets each).   i was suppose to go to yoga this evening, but flaked!  oh well.

7:00 – ate the salad that i didn't eat at lunch.  when tran came home i had 3 slices of his london broil..SOOOO YUMMY.  the bad part is i was munchin' on tamarind all night.

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15 Apr

busy morning, but i made it to the gym!

5:10 – worked on back fro 20 minutes, then went on the elliptical for 25 minutes(SELF Challenge Cardio #2)

6:45 – Chunky Strawberry breakfast from jamba juice.  I had 3/4 of a 12oz cup.  YUMMY!

10:45 – banana

12:00 – bootcamp for 40 minutes

1:10 – just got back and munched on 5 pretzels, which tells me i should go eat my lunch!

1:15 – ate whole wheat pasta with meat sauce

3:15 – some pretzels and an apple

6:30 – tamarind

7:20 – i had a bowl of salad, and a small piece of lasagna made with low-fat cream cheese, lite shredded cheese, tomato sauce, ground turkey, and whole wheat pasta.

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