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14 Apr

i decided not to go to the gym this morning.  sooo freakin' tired.

6:00 – a slice of whole wheat bread with 1 tbsp of pb. an egg white.  i bought a tall skinny caramel machiatto w/ extra foam.  hoping to only drink half of it

10:30 – 2 egg whites and a banana

11:30 – did the SELF challenge cardio #1 exercise on the treadmill.  i feel sooo reenergized!!!  then worked on biceps for 20 minutes.  i'll continue the workout before i go to yoga tonight.

1:30 – salad with mango salsa. a slice of whole wheat bread with 1tbsp of pb, and some pretzels

3:00 – apple

4:30 – did 8 SELF strengthening exercises, then went to hot yoga

8:00  – spaghetti  with lean meat and whole wheat pasta, fruit, and tamarind for dessert!!!

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sle – Sunday, April 13, 2008

13 Apr

7:00 – whole wheat english muffin with 1 tbsp of pb

7:40 – 8 SELF strengthening exercises.  2 sets each.

12:30 – egg noodle soup with bbq pork, tamarind to snack

yesterday was such a nice day.  i tried to convince tran to go walk to jamba, but he said no.  we had to go run errands…boo, BUT i got my jamba

3:00 – i had the yogurt blend sunrise strawberry!  16 oz and only 240 calories!!

4:00 – more tamarind, apples, pears, and strawberries

7:00 – salad with mango and salsa.  i put a little bit of steak on it, maybe 2oz.

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Jan’s BBQ

12 Apr

6:30 – worked out with Ron at Club One.  We did 3 sets which included about 7 different exercises.  Boy, it was tiring, and my arms were on FIRE!!!  lol.  we also ran a mile, and worked on abs

8:30 – special k cereal with fresh strawberries.  i've been munchin on these strawberries all morning!!

11:15 – tamarind

3:00 – we started eating around this time.  from 3-10 i had macaroni salad(lots of it), potato salad, korean beef, half a turkey burger, pancit, rice, small slice of cake, and ice cream(lots of it).

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11 Apr

and i'm giving myself a break.  woke up at 5 this morning, and decided not to head to the gym, BUT i did exercise for an hour.

5:00 – boxer shuffle for 2 minutes(warm-up).  then i did intervals for a total of 15 minutes: jump rope for 30 seconds, then boxer shuffle with jabs for 1 minute.  to cool down i did boxer shuffle for another 2 minutes.  after, i did 8 strengthening exercises(2 sets each)

7:30 – i just had 10 donut holes!!  LOL, and im sipping my non-fat SFV caramel machiatto.  it's a tall and im about half way done.  it says a donut hole is 52 calories…WOW, and i ate 10….HAHAHAHAHAH.  im definitely going to trader joe's to get a salad for lunch.

12:00 – phew, i made it to lunch without eating anything. lol.  i got the southwestern salad at trader joe's.  let's hope i make it to dinner w/o eating….YEA RIGHT!

2:30 – so today was definitely a cheat day, and i probably ate of 2000 calories.  I HAD ANOTHER DONUT!!!  and i've been munchin' on pretzels.  i think i'm bored!

5:30 – ate some tamarind, then left for banana leaf

6:30 – had roti prata(LOVE IT!).  brown rice with shrimp, mangoes.  some pad thai and some beef.

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sle – Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Apr

5:00 – worked on triceps for 25 minutes, then did the SELF Challenge #3 Cardio exercise on the treadmill for 25 minutes

6:45 – got the bright eyed blueberry yogurt blend with organic granola on top.

7:30 – an egg white 

10:00 – OMG, i was so hungry!! had a whole egg

12:00 – 6" turkey on whole wheat

3:45 – we had a celebration, and i munched on multi-gran crackers and cheese. i had about 5 sushi pieces, and some fruit.  i also had 3 prawns dipped in some white wine sauce.  DELICIOUS!

since i couldn't workout during lunch, imma go RUN now.  LOL.

4:30 – ran two miles at 6.5 mph on the treadmill.   then i went to hot yoga

8:00 – i had one shrimp fajita with little cheese and salsa.  then i had a small bowl of the shrimp and steak fajita(no tortilla!).  i also had some tamarind.

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9 Apr

i'm disappointed that i didn't wake up for the gym this morning, because i know there might not be a chance for me to go tomorrow morning.  we'll be at the sharks game tonight……GOOOOOOOOOOO SHARKS!  anyways, that means that i must be extra careful about what i eat tonight.  no nachos or ice cream.

i made my own version of the jamba yogurt blend, because i wanted to try it out so bad.  i had the ingredients at home, so why not right?  i haven't tasted it yet though.  it'll be my morning snack

6:30 – a slice of whole wheat bread with tbsp of pb.

8:30 – ate my version of the jamba yogurt blend. YUMMY!

10:00 – an egg white

12:00 – hot yoga

1:20 – 6" turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with cheese…you can guess where i got it from!  YUMMY!

3:30 – an apple

7:00 – AAAAH!  I was horrible.  We went to subway to get a sandwich for dinner.  Stupid me end up buy 3 cookies.  So I had a 6" turkey&ham sandwich and 2 freakin' cookies.  I just looked up the calorie count for the cookies and the chocolate chip one was 210!!  The oatmeal one was 200.  **tsk tsk tsk**…no more cookies.

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sle – Tuesday, April 08, 2008

8 Apr

5:00 – worked on back for 20 minutes.  did the SELF Challenge cardio exercise #2 on the treadmill for 25 minutes

7:00 – half a whole wheat bagel with 1tbsp of peanut butter.

11:15 – did bootcamp for 40  minutes, then walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill.

12:30 – brown rice with bok choy, asparagus, and chicken.  had about 30 pretzels

3:00 – an apple

530 – strawberries and tamarind

630 – tamarind siup filled with beef, bok choy, and broccoli

720 – skinny cow fudge stick

800- 8 strengthening exercises

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