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Day 4

30 May

6:20 – some yogurt with strawberries and cantelope

9:00 – 2 egg whites

aah i've been tempted all morning with donuts.  i do it to myself though…at least i haven't had a bite…YET!

11:30 – some fruit

1:30 – brown rice and veggie chili

4:00 – munched on fruit and tamarind when i got home

6:30 – went to some vietnamese restaurant and i cheated on my detox.  i had 5 small rice paper wraps with mint, lettuce, and steamed fish

8:30 – some vietnamese dessert that i could of done w/o, but i didn't want it to go to waste.

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Day 3

29 May

6:30 – BANANA

9:00 – an egg white

10:10 – an egg white and a bag full of grapes.  i love summer — all the good fruits are in season!

11:20 – decided to run with some coworkers.  ran for 30 minutes.  prolly 3. something miles.  then i worked on triceps for another 25 minutes

1:00 – veggie chili and an apple

3:30 – strawberries and cantelope

4:30 – worked out at work for a bit before yoga.  yoga was tough, especially since i haven't gone for a week.

8:00 – sweet potato fries and veggie chili.  i had watermelon, strawberries, and some tamarind for dessert.

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Day 2

28 May

i so overslept this morning.  i wanted to get two workouts in today(morning and lunch time), but i guess i gotta change it around.

6:30 – 1/4 a cup of yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, and cantelope

7:30 – i don't think my breakfast this morning was enough.  i just ate two egg whites and sippin' on some lipton decaffeinated tea.  **SIGH**, where's my coffee!!!

11:30 – did SELF cardio exercise #3 for 45 minutes

12:45 – leftovers from last night, brown rice and stir fried veggies.  munchin' on watermelon right now.

4:30 – had lots of cantelope, watermelon, strawberries, and tamarind 😉

7:30 – sweet potato fries with veggie chili

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Day 1 – back from SD and going on Detox…

27 May

lol.  i need to get out of this slump, and i think detox will help.  i ate all bad this weekend, but OH WELL…i was on vacation!  i'm planning on a two week detox, but i don't know if i'll last.  i'll have to stick it out for at least 9 days.  it was probably this time last year that i did the fat smash diet.  im hoping detbox will get me through this plateau.

6:30 – banana

9:30 – a small cup of yogurt with some cantelope and strawberries and an egg white

11:30 – worked on back for 25 minutes, then did elliptical for 30 minutes.  FEELS GOOD!!!

12:50 – salad with strawberries and dried cranberries.  i forgot my dressing.

hmm…i'm wondering if dried tamarind is allowed.  i doubt it since it's coated in some brown sugar.  BLEH!!

3:00 – an egg white and my strawberries and cantelope

4:30 – brown rice cake…sorta bland but it will do the trick

7:00 – a small cup of brown rice with stir fried veggies and some tamarind…i also had two really small slices of tran's steak.  YES i cheated a bit.

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YAY for a 3-day weekend!

23 May

aaah, this weekend will probably be bad, but imma try to control myself.  we'll see!  come tuesday, i am going to detox for 9 days.  this will help me get through MB and the duathlon.  i'm sure im going to want a fat ass meal after MB, but maybe i can pig out at sweet tomatoes.  LOL.

5:00 – I WOKE UP AND GOT TO GOLD'S!!  warmed up with some quick shoulder exercises.  then did 15 minutes on stairmaster, 15 minutes walking with incline, and 15 minutes on the elliptical.  i was suppose to run instead of walk, but my calves were stiff.  i think i need a little bit of rest

7:10 – aaah STAN's donuts!!!  as of right now, i have about half of my donut left.  i don't want to finish it.  i should throw it away!

12:00 – had lunch with jan and bev at dish dash!  i was sooo hungry, i finished practically everything and didn't feel full.  that's a good thing i think

3:00 – tamarind

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sle – Thursday, May 22, 2008

22 May

ya, i sooooo did not work out this morning.  i have to go tomorrow because that will be the only time i can work out tomorrow.

7:00 – 1/4 of an apple and half of my grande soy chai tea

10:00 – cereal with nonfat milk

11:15 – ran 3.7 miles with my coworker.  then i worked on triceps for 20 minutes

12:45 – scarfed down a subway.  i ate prolly 10" of it.  SOOO hungry!  plus i need the energy for my workout later today.

4:20 – did cardio #3 and then went to HOT YOGA

7:00 – had a small bowl of vermicelli with grilled pork.  this was a bad dinner, but we didn't put anything out to cook.  BOOOO.  i also had some tamarind!

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rest day

21 May

man, my muscles are TIRED!  just sleeping and moving around hurts.  so as you can tell, i didn't go to gold's this morning.  i'll workout before my yoga class.

7:00 – half an apple and a tall soy chai tea latte

9:30 – cereal with nonfat milk

12:00 – shrimp louie salad from trader joe's and a couple pieces of tamarind

okay..i've decided to give up on exercise today.  if i'm bored, i'll do some SELF strengthening exercises and jog in place while watching the bball game.  **SIGH**  at least i won't have any more excuses tomorrow morning when i wake up and head to GOLD'S.

3:00 – i had some snack…an apple or something

6:30 – a bowl of small soup with eggs, chicken, and steamed pork.

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