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sle – Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 Jul

i went to the gym at my work this morning.  i got a good workout.

5:00 – worked on triceps for 25 minutes, then did cardio (bike) for 30 minutes

7:30 – 1 whole egg, and 1 egg white.  half of my coffee

10:30 – cantelope and mangoes

12:45 – ran errands during lunch and stopped by trader joe's to pick up a salad.  i had teh shrimp louie salad…AGAIN.  mangoes and cantelope too.

3:00 – more mangoes and nectarines

6:15 – aah im so tired.  just got home from work, and i think sean is still coming over.  i ate a very small bowl of brown rice spaghetti with lean ground beef.

7:20 – sean and i ran 3.81 miles.  it was a good run, and it helped relieve some stress that i was feeling.

8:30 – watermelon and mangoes


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sle – Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 Jul

I slept pretty late last night, so I didn't make it to the gym in the morning.  I'll workout during lunch.  I want to do some strengthening exercises, and ride on the bike.

6:30 – latte and 1 full egg, and 1 egg white

10:00 – another egg white and nectarine

11:30 – did intervals on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  then worked on back for another 20 minutes

1:00 -shrimp Louie salad from trader joe's

3:00 – watermelon

6:00 – soy chips

7:30 – tran and i didn't feel like cooking so we end up eating sushi again.  i had 2 pieces of agedashi, a spicy tuna hand roll(no rice), tekka makki, and a very small bowl of soba(buckwheat noodles).  i think soba is gluten-free.  i had a little bit of white rice.

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sle – Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29 Jul

I overslept this morning.  I definitely gotta get two workouts in today though.

7:00 – half of my coffee and a spinach omelet. i also had some leftover carrots and beans from last night.

10:15 – a handful of raw almonds

aaah, i can't go workout during lunch today.  i got super busy.   hopefully i can stop by gold's before i go home, and lift there for a bit.  i plan on running with sean today.  heheeheee…make him do a long run.  sssshhhh!

12:21 – southwestern salad from trader joe's and some fruit

5:00 – munched on more fruit(lots of grapes!)

7:30 – sean and i went for our normal route.  my watch said it was only 2.9 miles.  we did it in 29:24.  not bad.  next time we'll take the longer route. heeehehehe

8:00 – i ate a small bowl of spinach salad and then my protein smoothie(strawberries, blueberries, some yogurt, sesame seeds, almond milk, and whey protein powder).  i also had some honey roasted peanuts and pistachios

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sle – Monday, July 28, 2008

28 Jul

aah, this weekend i did pretty good until my last meal on sunday. we went to claim jumpers after the movies, and i total pigged out.  i wasn't super super full, but i did have a lot of sweets.  i ordered the sunday special which was a prime rib 3 course meal.  i had a salad, shared my prime rib with tran, ate 90% of the apple muffin(SO YUMMY!), and 3 bites of creme brulee.  aaah it was delicious.  now it's monday, and i gotta get my ass back in shape

6:30 – drinking my protein smoothie.  it does't taste so bad, and it should last me until 11:00 for my workout.

11:30 – got a good workout, because i wanted to blow off some steam.  i lifted for 30 minutes focusing on biceps.  then i ran outside with my coworker.  we went 3.12 miles.  haha, we totally thought our route was longer, but i guess not.  we are going to try for longer routes next time.  good run though.

3:00 – grapes, cherries, and watermelon

7:30 – i cooked a roast beef last night.  pretty yummy.  i had two slices of beef, sweet potato fries, and boiled broccoli, beans, and carrots

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25 Jul

So today has to be much better than yesterday.  There was so much going on yesterday, that I didn't really eat all the stuff that I was suppose to, and I had a shitty ass workout.  Anyways, there is a BBQ today at my work.  Not sure if i'll be going or if i'll be going to the gym.

6:30 – gluten free waffle and half of my skinny vanilla latte

10:00 – had some fruit

11:00 – went to workout, and i wanted to do some cardio..but i freakin' forgot my socks again.  i lifted for a full 50 minutes.  worked on biceps and circuit training exercises.

12:40 – kale salad with almonds cranberries, and tomatoes

6:30 – wow, i've really tried to control myself till dinner but i had to snack on something.  soy chips

8:30 – went to sam's.  i did pretty good!  i had agedashi, 2 spicy tuna hand rolls with no rice, 1 sam special(although i REALLY REALLY wanted more), and the white king salmon(no rice).  it was delicious.  i had two shots of unfiltered sake.  we came home, and i had some gin and juice.  prolly equaled to one cup.  munched on more soy chips, then went to sleep.

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sle – Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 Jul

BLEh!  my morning sucked.  let's just say i woke up to go to the gym, but i ended up not going.  BLEH!  gotta sneak out during work and get my 2 hours in!!!

7:00 – omelet and some coffee.

10:00 – banana

11:00 – shitty ass workout.  worked on triceps for 20 minutes, then ran/walked for another 25 minutes.

6:30 – munched on some soy chips

7:30 – new york steak with sweet potato fries!  my only real meal today!

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23 Jul

Got a busy day today, so I decided that I'll rest today.

6:00 – a gluten-free waffle.  pretty freakin' yummy!  1 egg white, and half of my latte

7:30 – gosh this might be TMI, but i totally shitted out a bunch of stuff.  lol.  now my stomach is completely empty and i had to eat again.  1 hard-boiled egg and a handful of almonds.

11:45 – 1 brown rice cake…there was pizza at the meeting i went to.  i had to resist!!  DOING GOOD STEPH!

1:30 – fruit and kale chips

6:30 – gosh, i was sooo hungry but i didn't want to spoil dinner.  so i munched on some soy chips.

7:00 – so i broke my gluten-free diet for a bit.  we made spring rolls with beef and shrimp(all marinated in butter!).  i tried not to put too much butter, but oh well.  i also had some carrot cake and strawberry custard parfait.  it was YUMMY!  small portion of course.  it was hubby's birthday…i couldn't say NO!

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