Broke double digits!!

31 Aug

7:00 – jan texted me last night saying pepe and shelly were sick, so she couldn't run this morning.  i ate a whole lot of food last night, and we gonna be bbqing later…so i had to run!!  i ran 10.02 miles in 1:48.  WOO HOO!  knees are sorta numb, but i did it.  it felt great!  hmm…if i want to stay within 2 hours, i think i might have to speed it up a bit.  i was averaging 2 minutes and 40 seconds a quarter mile.  i can go faster, but i'll get tired easily.  we'll see…

9:10 – 2 white eggs

10:00 – tall coffee

12:15 – fruit lather and shrimp louie salad from trader joe's

3:00 – went to jan's for a bbq.  had cajun rice with steak, some ribs, watermelon, and flan.  my stomach was not feeling well, and i left with an empty stomach!  ouch!

9:30 – a couple bites of tran's soup.

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