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5 more days…

30 Sep

i gotta exercise my ass off today, and eat better

6:45 – coffee and spinach omelet
10:30 – grapes
11:30 – ran with my coworker for 3.5 miles.  i then walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes(uphill).
1:30 – southwestern salad from tjs and some fruit lather
4:30 – watermelon and fruit lather
7:00 – small piece of baked salmon and sweet potato fries.

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6 more days…

29 Sep

aaah, anxiety attack!!!  i hope this week flies by.  i gotta stick to the workout regime and get my diet into shape this week.

5:00 – worked on shoulders, then biked for 30 minutes
7:30 – coffee
9:45 – banana
1:20 – southwestern salad from tj's.
4:30 – fruit lather
7:30 – we went to PAMPAS in Palo Alto for our anniversary dinner.  it was soooooooooooooooooooooo good!  definitely a meat lovers place.  i ate a lot of salad with red vinegerette dressing, asparagus, and brocolli.  i had a small serving of their whipped mashed potatoes.  it was yummy.  and then of course all the freakin' top sirloin, filet mignon, skirt steak, pork, ham, rack of lamb, lamb chops that i wanted.  lol.  luckily they cut it into small pieces.  i would definitely want to go here again. 

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PIG OUT DAY…oink oink

29 Sep

8:00 – boy, i think i was hungry because i didn't eat much dinner last night.  we went to a breakfast restaurant in monterey.  it was YUMMY!  i found it on yelp..i heart yelp!  it was called first awakening.  i had the greek omelet(spinach, mushrooms, lite feta cheese, tomatoes, and jalepenos).  it was YUMMY!  i had them make it with egg beaters so it was definitely healthy.  i killed that with an english muffins, and some of their potatoes.  i had 1/4 of tran's blueberry pankcakes too, which were HUGE!!!!  he could of gone with just 1 stack, but he ordered two.

1:00 – pepe's birthday shinding, and i pigged out there too!!!  i prolly consumed 3,000 calories there.  throughout the afternoon and evening, i had 3 pieces of lasagna, some sausage, ribs, a little bit of chicken, and two brisket slices.  i also had two bowls of chili.  oooh yea, i can't forget a few cake slices..heeheheheh, THANKS JAHNNY!
What a great weekend.  I think the reason I pigged out this weekend was 1) It's Our Anniversary!!! 2) I'm going to be on a strict diet this week before the marathon…aaah i can't believe it's next week. 3) Pepe's Birthday!!!

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A Day in the Central Valley

29 Sep

7:10 – i ran 5 miles(all the way to bev's house and back).  i almost didn't do it, but felt great after i finished.

10:00 – coffee and half a blueberry coffeecake, tran ate the other half
12:00 – went to have sushi in carmel.
3:30 – a chai tea latte and some organic dark chocolate.  not too bad!
7:00 – went to a italian/Mediterranean restaurant in carmel.  it was alright…i had a salad(which was yummy!), and then the artichoke pizza.  not that great…i didn't finish it, just had 3 small slices(thin crust style).
11-1 patron and vodka..nuff said!

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sle – Fri Sep 26 2008

26 Sep

5:30 – did my 8 SELF strengthening exercises.  i was gonna run 5 miles afterwards, but decided to give my legs a rest.  i'll run tomorrow right before we leave.

7:30 – spinach omelet with some light feta cheese.  my cup of cappuccino!  happy friday everyone!
11:30 to 5:30 – i'm listing golf as an exercise, because it was freakin' hard.  i was sweating, and i didn't eat much.  i had a small turkey with cheese sandwich on a french roll.  i wish i went to california sourdough beforehand, but didn't!  BOO…anyways, i didn't snack on much except for goldfish and teddy grahams.
7:30 – went to botown and pigged out on some good ole chinese food.  i had a small soup, a bowl of rice with pork, walnut shrimp, chinese brocolli, fish, and meat.

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sle – Thu Sep 25 2008

25 Sep

5:00 – YAY!  i got up and did my workout.  i only worked on triceps and walked for 10 minutes. hopefully i can get a little cardio in before yoga tonight.

7:20 – coffee, 1 egg white, 1 egg, and i bought some oatmeal at starbucks.  i don't think i brought enough food to keep me full until yoga, so that's why i bought the oatmeal.  i prolly won't finish it, so i'll save it for later.
11:15 – aaah im so hungry!  i had a couple bits of my oatmeal, then i threw it away.  now im eating my apple.
2:20 – shrimp louie salad
6:00 – ate a couple pieces of steak.  i wasn't too hungry, but i was also snacking on fruit lather.  tsk tsk tsk!

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HAPPY HUMP DAY – 09/24/08

24 Sep

7:00 – 2 hard boiled eggs with my coffee!!

11:30 – ran 3.1 miles under 30 minutes!!  i think that's a record.  it was hot, so i just kept running fast to get out of the sun.  LOL.  i worked on back afterwards.
12:50 – turkey chili and some lettuce.
2:30 – watermelon, apples, and fruit lather.
6:30 – ran with sean for 2.5 miles
7:30 – i had a pretty big dinner.  lots of protein.  i made a whey protein/green powder smoothie.  i drank half of it.  then i had a small bowl of turkey chili with 1 slice of oat nut bread.  i had some fruit lather too.  lol.

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is it friday yet?!

23 Sep

7:00 – banana and some coffee

9:00 – fruit lather
11:30 – aaah, one of the hardest runs i had to do, even though it was the same shit.  it was hot, and my left heel was bothering me.  but i finished, and it felt good afterwards.  i worked on biceps after the run.
1:15 – had a small portion of turkey chili.  YUM, i haven't had this in forever!!!  i'll eat my salad after the meeting.  munched on some pears too.
3:20 – half of my southwestern salad from tj's
5:00 – worked on 8 SELF strengthening exercises.
7:30 – a bowl of salad and a few pieces of steak that tran cooked up.  munched on some watermelon and fruit lather afterwards.

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sle – Mon Sep 22 2008

22 Sep

7:00 – half of my whey protein/green powder smoothie and coffee

8:45 – i had fruit lather already!!!  lol.
11:30 – half of my chicken shawarama w/ feta and salad.
2:30 – pears, strawberries, and grapes

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Sunday Football

21 Sep

aah another sunday, another long run. 😉

jan and i ran the rock n roll marathon route.  we did a total of 13 miles.  WOO HOO!!!!!  im stoked!  can't wait till the day of..hahahaha
6:30 – 1 hard boiled egg
10:30 – cup of coffee and some pho.  i ate half of the noodles.  it was yummy!!!  definitely made me feel better.
3:00 – munched on chips and grapes
5:30 – bbq chicken with salad and sweet potatoes

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