3 Sep

gosh, my hamstrings are super sore.  and i feel totally bloated!!  BLEH!

7:00 – banana and coffee
9:15 – 2 egg whites and some fruit lather.
11:30 – biked for 30 minutes, then worked on back
12:30 – kale salad with shredded chicken and tomatoes..munched on some watermelon and strawberries
1:45 – aaah i hate my boss.  damn pretzels….AGAIN!!!
5:00 – dammit, i hate being on my rag.  this is the worst it's ever been!!!  i can't stop snacking either.  i got home and had some peanuts and fruit lather.  i munched on watermelon as well.  so, i didn't eat dinner.  BLEH!

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