HAPPY HUMP DAY – 09/24/08

24 Sep

7:00 – 2 hard boiled eggs with my coffee!!

11:30 – ran 3.1 miles under 30 minutes!!  i think that's a record.  it was hot, so i just kept running fast to get out of the sun.  LOL.  i worked on back afterwards.
12:50 – turkey chili and some lettuce.
2:30 – watermelon, apples, and fruit lather.
6:30 – ran with sean for 2.5 miles
7:30 – i had a pretty big dinner.  lots of protein.  i made a whey protein/green powder smoothie.  i drank half of it.  then i had a small bowl of turkey chili with 1 slice of oat nut bread.  i had some fruit lather too.  lol.

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