PIG OUT DAY…oink oink

29 Sep

8:00 – boy, i think i was hungry because i didn't eat much dinner last night.  we went to a breakfast restaurant in monterey.  it was YUMMY!  i found it on yelp..i heart yelp!  it was called first awakening.  i had the greek omelet(spinach, mushrooms, lite feta cheese, tomatoes, and jalepenos).  it was YUMMY!  i had them make it with egg beaters so it was definitely healthy.  i killed that with an english muffins, and some of their potatoes.  i had 1/4 of tran's blueberry pankcakes too, which were HUGE!!!!  he could of gone with just 1 stack, but he ordered two.

1:00 – pepe's birthday shinding, and i pigged out there too!!!  i prolly consumed 3,000 calories there.  throughout the afternoon and evening, i had 3 pieces of lasagna, some sausage, ribs, a little bit of chicken, and two brisket slices.  i also had two bowls of chili.  oooh yea, i can't forget a few cake slices..heeheheheh, THANKS JAHNNY!
What a great weekend.  I think the reason I pigged out this weekend was 1) It's Our Anniversary!!! 2) I'm going to be on a strict diet this week before the marathon…aaah i can't believe it's next week. 3) Pepe's Birthday!!!

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