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4 more days…

29 Oct

and i'm so not prepared.  it's gonna rain too, and i can't buy a long sleeve or cap until saturday. 

7:00 – 1 hard boiled egg and coffee.
12:00 – i ate an entire tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread with some grapes and a big cookie.

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sle – Tue Oct 28 2008

28 Oct

so i canceled my gym membership this morning.  i've been going to the gym at work a lot so i didn't want to waste anymore money.  i'm sorta sad, hahaha.  but i will definitely be back.

5:00 – ran and walked for 30 minutes, then worked on back.
7:00 – 1 egg and some coffee.
9:00 – another egg
11:45 – my boss took us out to eat…and boy, there was some YUMMY bread!!  i think i ate a whole load.  then i noshed on a chicken gyro plate.
6:00 – dammit, i wanted to stay home, but i ended up going to the sharks game because tran's coworker flaked. i knew it would be fat city.  we ate at cluck u in downtown san jose. i made the mistake of eating curly fries.  i ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  that wasn't too bad.  but when we got to the arena, my freakin' sister ordered the nachos, and i had a couple of pieces.  it was not sitting well with me.  i kept on burping and i almost regurgitated some of it.  never again.  i did not feel well the entire game.  at least the sharks won.  i don't think my stomach is accustomed to those type of fatty foods anymore.  so i should STAY AWAY!!!

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6 more days till the SF Half Marathon!

27 Oct

aaah, im soooooooooo not ready for this!  i know im going to be in pain afterwards, because I didn't train properly, but oh well!  it will be worth it!  i plan on running everday except for thursday because i'll be down in LA LA land.  I probably run a short 3 miler on Saturday before we head to the city.  It should definitely be fun!

5:00 – ran and did circuit exercises for 25 minutes.  then i worked on biceps with 7 SELF strengthening exercises.
7:00 – half of my coffee with a banana
8:15 – spinach omelet.
11:30 – ran with my coworker for 3.5 miles
1:00 – southwestern salad from trader joes.
7:00 – pigged out on pho yesterday.  it was sooo cold, i was craving it all day.
8:30 – two small bags of m&ms…yes i know…

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Here it comes…

26 Oct

UGH!  I think the holiday season is starting to hit me.  I'm totally pigging out, and I even had candy.  I've been able to resist candy for almost a year now, but Halloween is starting to get to me.  And, I haven't workout as aggressively as I've been wanting to.  I was going to go for a VERY LONG RUN today, but now my throat is starting to act up, so I'm deciding to not do it.  I'm going to do a 7 mile run on the treadmill this week, and that should be good…I HOPE.  Damn, this half marathon is gonna SUCK, and I'm going to be in PAIN!!!!!  AAH!  But I should definitely run a lot this week, because I totally pigged out last week.  Maybe it's because mother nature is going to hit me soon.  And yes, I'm going to get it during the marathon.  **SIGH**.

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sle – Thu Oct 23 2008

23 Oct

6:30 – banana, some almonds, and half of my soy chai tea latte.

8:45 – a hard boiled egg

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sle – Wed Oct 22 2008

22 Oct

woopsy, i didn't blog yesterday.  let's just say i had a lot of protein.  spaghetti, and a fat piece of steak for dinner.

5:00 – worked on shoulders and did elliptical for 30 minutes
7:30 – 2 hard boiled eggs with a soy chai tea latte.
11:45 – pigged out a sweet tomatoes.  let's say i had 3 blueberry muffins and some chocolate cookies.  i've had a major sweet craving and i couldn't fulfill it with my fruit lather because they are freakin' sold out at trader joes.
7:00 – peruvian rice with chicken simmered in curry sauce.  added some veggies too it.  i also had a piece of naan to dip with the curry sauce.  it was soooooooooo YUMMY!

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sle – Mon Oct 20 2008

20 Oct

hmm…this weekend was full of carbs and no exercising. let's see…i had bread and rice at the wedding, dim sum sunday morning, in n out sunday afternoon, and thai food sunday night.  i got up this morning though, and got a good workout in.

5:00 – worked on biceps and 4 SELF strengthening exercises.  then i did a workout called "jumpstart your metabolism".  warmed up for 3 minutes on the treadmill.  ran for 9 minutes with elevation of 3, speed of 5.5 mph.  hopped off the treadmill and did 10 squat jumps, 10 kicks, and 10 knee highs.  hopped back on the treadmill for 4 minutes at 6.0 mph.  jumped off the treadmill and did the lower body exercises(15 reps).  then i ran for another 9 minutes at 6.7 mph, and last 2 minutes at 7.0.  it felt good, and it was something different.
6:30 – banana and coffee.
11:30 – biked for 25 minutes
12:45 – shrimp louie salad from tj's
3:00 – almonds and cashews
8:00 – spaghetti with brown rice pasta.  the bad part was that i put two slices of fresh mozerella on it.  very cheesy!

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