1 more day!!!

4 Oct

aaaah!  i can't believe the weekend is here!!!  tomorrow is the day that we've been training for!  and i'm on my freakin' period!!  i sure hope today is the heavy day, because i will not meet my goal of 10 minute miles if i'm still flowing heavily tomorrow. 😦  oh well, just be glad that i finished!

6:30 – went to golds to run on the treadmill.  it's freakin' pouring outside!  i did a quick 21 minute speed interval between 6.0 and 7.0 mph.  felt good.  then i just did some weights.  i was going to go to yoga, but i did not feel good, so i went home.  more yoga monday…
8:00 – coffee and omelet.
1:00 – went to pizza cali.  i had a small bowl of salad and tran's pizza crust. 🙂
7:00 – we celebrated tran's grandma's 99th birthday.  i pigged out on vietnamese food.  YUM.  and i had a slice of cake(peter's bakery marble cake with fresh strawberries.)

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