sle – Mon Oct 20 2008

20 Oct

hmm…this weekend was full of carbs and no exercising. let's see…i had bread and rice at the wedding, dim sum sunday morning, in n out sunday afternoon, and thai food sunday night.  i got up this morning though, and got a good workout in.

5:00 – worked on biceps and 4 SELF strengthening exercises.  then i did a workout called "jumpstart your metabolism".  warmed up for 3 minutes on the treadmill.  ran for 9 minutes with elevation of 3, speed of 5.5 mph.  hopped off the treadmill and did 10 squat jumps, 10 kicks, and 10 knee highs.  hopped back on the treadmill for 4 minutes at 6.0 mph.  jumped off the treadmill and did the lower body exercises(15 reps).  then i ran for another 9 minutes at 6.7 mph, and last 2 minutes at 7.0.  it felt good, and it was something different.
6:30 – banana and coffee.
11:30 – biked for 25 minutes
12:45 – shrimp louie salad from tj's
3:00 – almonds and cashews
8:00 – spaghetti with brown rice pasta.  the bad part was that i put two slices of fresh mozerella on it.  very cheesy!

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