Here it comes…

26 Oct

UGH!  I think the holiday season is starting to hit me.  I'm totally pigging out, and I even had candy.  I've been able to resist candy for almost a year now, but Halloween is starting to get to me.  And, I haven't workout as aggressively as I've been wanting to.  I was going to go for a VERY LONG RUN today, but now my throat is starting to act up, so I'm deciding to not do it.  I'm going to do a 7 mile run on the treadmill this week, and that should be good…I HOPE.  Damn, this half marathon is gonna SUCK, and I'm going to be in PAIN!!!!!  AAH!  But I should definitely run a lot this week, because I totally pigged out last week.  Maybe it's because mother nature is going to hit me soon.  And yes, I'm going to get it during the marathon.  **SIGH**.

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