sle – Tue Oct 28 2008

28 Oct

so i canceled my gym membership this morning.  i've been going to the gym at work a lot so i didn't want to waste anymore money.  i'm sorta sad, hahaha.  but i will definitely be back.

5:00 – ran and walked for 30 minutes, then worked on back.
7:00 – 1 egg and some coffee.
9:00 – another egg
11:45 – my boss took us out to eat…and boy, there was some YUMMY bread!!  i think i ate a whole load.  then i noshed on a chicken gyro plate.
6:00 – dammit, i wanted to stay home, but i ended up going to the sharks game because tran's coworker flaked. i knew it would be fat city.  we ate at cluck u in downtown san jose. i made the mistake of eating curly fries.  i ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  that wasn't too bad.  but when we got to the arena, my freakin' sister ordered the nachos, and i had a couple of pieces.  it was not sitting well with me.  i kept on burping and i almost regurgitated some of it.  never again.  i did not feel well the entire game.  at least the sharks won.  i don't think my stomach is accustomed to those type of fatty foods anymore.  so i should STAY AWAY!!!

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