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21 Nov

5:00 – worked on triceps and some other arm exercises.  then i walked uphill for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  eeeh, i haven't done so well this week.  i need to get more workouts in this weekend and next week before my trip.  i can't let vacation mode get to me yet!!!

7:30 – i had spinach feta wrap from starbucks and a tall soy chai tea latte.  i got the feta wrap because it needs to hold me over till lunch.
10:30 – apple
12:00 – two vegetarian pizza slices from chicago pizza.

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sle – Thu Nov 20 2008

20 Nov

i got my hair did yesterday, so i didn't want to work out this morning.  hahahha, otherwise it would get all messed up and i would of had to wash and redo it.  lol.

7:00 – chai tea latte and 1 egg white
9:45 – grapes and pineapple from starbucks.  eeh, i think i need to eat more.  maybe i'll eat half of my cliff bar.  imma be in meetings all afternoon, so i should munch now.
11:00 to 11:30 – finished the other half of my cliff bar
12:10 – ate half a turkey sandwich while waiting for a meeting to start.  an apple
aaah, it was all bad in the afternoon
2:00 – the other half of my turkey sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie
7:00 – tran wanted to grab sushi, so we went to sushi o sushi.  i had some of the summer breeze, seaweed salad, and a california hand roll with no rice

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sle – Wed Nov 19 2008

19 Nov

5:00 – worked on shoulders and did 6 different toning exercises.  biked for a good 15 minutes.  lol

7:00 – soy chai tea latte with 1 egg white
9:15 – half of my cliff bar
10:30 – 11 – been noshing on the rest of my cliff bar
11:30 – my company had a thanksgiving lunch. i had two slices of turkey, a little bit of mashed potatoes, and lots of greens.  then i had a carrot cake.  yum.
2:30 – 1 chocolate
8:00 – i had some leftover shepards pie and a piece of naan

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sle – Tue Nov 18 2008

18 Nov

i woke up too late to work out this morning.  BLEH!

7:00- tall chai tea latte
8:30 – half of my blueberry cliff bar.  it's sweeter than normal…
11:00 – ran with my coworker.  3.76 miles in 33 minutes.  not bad.  then i worked on back for a bit
12:45 – 1 egg white, a bowl full of sweet potatoes with a couple pieces of chicken breast.
3:30 – an apple
4:30 – fish cakes
7:00 – i was good with the korean food until i had 2 cream puffs from beard papa's.  nuff said!

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TGIM – 11/17/08

17 Nov

This weekend wasn't too bad.  I ran with my sister for about 3.5 miles.  I did overeat at Poleng and had alcohol, but I will work it all off this week!

6:30 – coffee and banana
9:40 – scarfed down a bbq pork bun.  damn, that was yummy!
11:00 – worked on biceps and 6 other arm exercises.  ran 3.15 miles with my coworker.
1:00 – chicken salad, no dressing..WHAT WHAT!  and an apple
4:00 – another pork bun…i was hungry
6:30 – i made turkey shepards pie with sweet potatoes.  it was yummy.  damn, i ate a lot for dinner.

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14 Nov

5:30 – worked on back and other arm exercises

7:20 – coffee and plain oatmeal from starbucks.
10:30 – half a crumb donut.
11:30 – ran with my coworker.  we did 3.79 miles in 36 minutes.  WOO HOO!
12:50 – no time to go get a lunch. 😦  that is my excuse, so i ate a glazed donut.
4:20 – ate the last half of tran's subway sandwich.  i was starving.  i also had a boiled egg
5:30 – i'm waiting to go eat, so im noshing on sweet potatoes

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sle – Thu Nov 13 2008 – Our 10 year Anniversary!!

13 Nov

5:00 – worked on biceps.  went on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

7:15 – coffee and half of my cliff bar
9:40 – other half of my cliff bar
12:00 – phung and i attempted to go to dim sum, but that took forever so we went to the japanese restaurant right next to eat.  i ordered the soba noodle nabeyaki soup and ate about half of it.  i also ordered the agedashi tofu.  YUM!
4:45 – 2 egg whites.  i grabbed the bag of ghiradelli to make sure there was no more caramel ones. 😉
6:00 – met tran at Xanh Restaurant in mountain view.  it was an over-rated asian fusion restaurant.  i had spring roll, ahi tuni, korean short ribs, and some small shrimp fried cakes.  i didn't overeat because they were made "tapas" style.  i didn't have dessert either, but i did have a lychee martini.  the martini hit the spot!

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