No more excuses!!!

10 Nov

today is a new day.  last week was soooo bad, and i blame it on my period. 😉  i went grocery shopping and got this gluten free granola that i want to try out.  i gotta start eating yogurt and almonds again too.  more greens as well.  i can feel my skin going crazy from all the sweets i've been having.

5:00 – worked on shoulders and other various arm exercises.  biked for 30 minutes with resistance between 5-8.
7:00 – tall capp with 3/4 of a cliff bar
9:30 – the rest of my cliff bar
10:50 – an egg white
11:30 – ran with my coworker
12:30 – kale salad with sardines, dried cranberries, and almonds
3:30 – was at customer's office and they had candy….small bag of skittles
5:15 – sweet potatoes
7:00 – a small bowl of bun bo hue

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One Response to “No more excuses!!!”

  1. Rhonutz122 November 11, 2008 at 9:32 am #

    go steph! you can do it! my ass needs no more excuses too, but somehow i keep coming up with some. lol! look at it this way…at least you are doing something about it vs. nothing at all. 😉

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