12 Nov

dammit, i should of gone to the gym this morning.  i didn't go because i knew i was going to run at lunch with my coworker.  i got into work, and it looks like my coworker is not coming in today.  looks like i'll be working out during lunch by myself. BLEH!

5:00 – yogurt with a handful of granola and fresh blueberries
7:00 – coffee
oh ya, and i weighed myself this morning. i'm happy to report that i didn't gain any weight from the binge eating last week.  still at my happy weight!!!
9:55 – scarfed down my pear.  i was super hungry!
12:00 – aah, i've been waiting to each my lunch all morning.  i'm not working out.  my sister wants to run tonight.  omelet with tomatoes, kale, and spinach.  i wish i had jalapenos. also, i have a side of sweet potatoes.
3:30 – chocolate.  i ate all the caramel ones, so there's no more to eat tomorrow. heehehehe 😉
5:00 – my sister was about to flake on me to go shopping.  i said "no no no no no".  we ran 2.3 miles. i also did some arm exercises.  this workout made me feel better about eating the ghiradellis earlier.
7:00 – small bowl of bun bo hue.

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One Response to “HAPPY HUMP DAY!”

  1. Jan Marie November 13, 2008 at 4:35 pm #

    LOL! I like you're reasoning for eating all the caramel ones. Have to get rid of the temptation one way or another!!

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