TGIM – 11/17/08

17 Nov

This weekend wasn't too bad.  I ran with my sister for about 3.5 miles.  I did overeat at Poleng and had alcohol, but I will work it all off this week!

6:30 – coffee and banana
9:40 – scarfed down a bbq pork bun.  damn, that was yummy!
11:00 – worked on biceps and 6 other arm exercises.  ran 3.15 miles with my coworker.
1:00 – chicken salad, no dressing..WHAT WHAT!  and an apple
4:00 – another pork bun…i was hungry
6:30 – i made turkey shepards pie with sweet potatoes.  it was yummy.  damn, i ate a lot for dinner.

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