sle – Thu Nov 20 2008

20 Nov

i got my hair did yesterday, so i didn't want to work out this morning.  hahahha, otherwise it would get all messed up and i would of had to wash and redo it.  lol.

7:00 – chai tea latte and 1 egg white
9:45 – grapes and pineapple from starbucks.  eeh, i think i need to eat more.  maybe i'll eat half of my cliff bar.  imma be in meetings all afternoon, so i should munch now.
11:00 to 11:30 – finished the other half of my cliff bar
12:10 – ate half a turkey sandwich while waiting for a meeting to start.  an apple
aaah, it was all bad in the afternoon
2:00 – the other half of my turkey sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie
7:00 – tran wanted to grab sushi, so we went to sushi o sushi.  i had some of the summer breeze, seaweed salad, and a california hand roll with no rice

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One Response to “sle – Thu Nov 20 2008”

  1. Jan Marie at 9:44 am #

    hahaha i wouldnt workout either!! my appt is dec 5th – before VEGAS BABY! VEGAS! can you tell im excited?!

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