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My recap of 2008

31 Dec

Well, today is the last day of 2008 and boy has it been a year of great fitness and learning to eating healthy.  I'm going to try to stay away from the word "dieting", because it's not a change it diet, it's a change in lifestyle!  I'll try to recap as best as I can about what I did this year.  My voxing buddies and I signed up for the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon early this year, and that was definitely a kick in the butt for me.  I felt sooooo thick after the wedding with all the food I ate during the honeymoon, cookie parties, holidays, b-days, etc.  Signing up for the half would definitely kept me focused, and that is definitely what I needed.  I always need something to work towards and keep my attention, otherwise I can get very very lazy!  Well, here is the list of fitness activities that I did for 2008

1.  Dammit Run ( 5 worst miles ever!)
2.  Jungle Run 
3.  Castro Valley Run
4.  Muddy Buddy!
5.  My first dualthalon
6.  San Jose Rock n Roll
7.  San Francisco US Marathon
8.  Lots of running with coworkers and friends to train for all these events.  I wonder how many miles I ran this year??
9.  Continuous lifting throughout the year
10.  Birkham Yoga for 8 months…lol.  I hope I'll be visiting them again soon!!!  
11.  Took a nutrition class and it introduced me to a whole new way of eating.  Stay close to the ground if you want to eat healthy!

All in all, I had a really good year.  I lost the weight that I wanted to lose, and have maintained it throughout, even though I've been pigging out more than usually the last couple weeks.  I've learned to not over do it with eating (unless it's super yummy), and I get full pretty freakin' quickly.  I've toned up a bit, but would like to get even more toned this next year.  I've seen muscles in my legs that I never knew existed!  And I like it!  hahahaha.  It's the arms that I would like to work more on (damn TRICEPS!).  I'd also like to say that I ran a full marathon this year!  hahaha, even though it was split into two.  LOL.
Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to all my voxing buddies for the love and support throughout the year, especially Jahnny!  I hope you guys have a happy and healthy New Year!  Good luck with all your goals and dreams for 2009!
~Steph Le

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sle – Tue Dec 30 2008

30 Dec

I need to find something new to do with exercising.  I gotta look HOT like my GFs when we go to Hawaii for Jaye's wedding.  HAHAHAHA.  Goal is to sign up for Crossfit in th next couple weeks, and look for more events to do this year.  I need to start using my Forerunner again.  I think I haven't used it in a month.  NOT GOOD!!!!  I gotta watch what I eat too.  Nothing too carby (back to GLUTEN free!!) and gotta stay away from the sugar.  No more tim tams for me next week.  No more chocolate!  No more baked goods!  **SIGH**

5:30 – worked on shoulders.  the plan is to go for a run at lunch.  we'll see if it happens…
7:00 – grande non-fat capp
9:15ish – working on my cliff bar
12:00 – salad from tj's.
as you can see…i totally didn't make it to the gym during lunch.
2:00 – i found a new snack!  edamame hummus!  it's gooooooooooood.  i'm eating it with crackers right now.
4:00 snacked on shrimp chips…no more of these next week
7:00 – steak with tomatoes

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Jiggly Wiggly

29 Dec

yay, i made it to the gym this morning!  it felt good. 🙂

5:15 – elliptical for 30 minutes, then worked on biceps along with some other arm toning exercises.
7:30 – exercise went down the drain when i ordered coffee cake at starbucks.  i ate half.  i also had a dry capp.
12:30 – salad from tj's
4:00 – sooo hungry when i got home.  tran and i were snacking on these pita crackers that i bought at tj.  i was eating it with laughing cow cheese.  i ❤ laughing cow.  i haven't had it in a long time.
7:00 – jan and i pigged at giorgino's in milpitas.  we ordered a veggie pizza and a shrimp portofino pasta dish.  i had two slices of pizza and a little bit of shelly's mac n cheese.  it was yummy, but i was FULL!
8:30 – snacked at home on some shrimp crackers.

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sle – Tue Dec 23 2008

23 Dec

i woke up at 6:40 this morning!  so freakin' late that i couldn't go to the gym.

7:30 – extra dry cappuccino with non-fat milk.
9:45 – 1 egg white…don't know why i'm not hungry yet.  it's probably because i'm coughing up mucus and really can't taste anything.  yummy, huh!

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sle – Mon Dec 22 2008

22 Dec

my bed is so warm!!!

7:30 – soy chai latte and a banana
11:30 – worked out!!  WOO HOO!  i mainly did triceps with other exercises in between. walked/ran on treadmill for 25 minutes.
1:00 – brown rice pasta with turkey marinara sauce
3:30 – some ends&pieces and tamarind
7:00 – went to La Milpa.  I had the pork soup….sooo yummy.  It totally hit the spot.

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sle – Thu Dec 18 2008

18 Dec

7:00 – soy chai latte

8:30 – banana
10:30- half of my cliff bar
12:45 – salad from tj's.
3:00 – other half of the cliff bar
7:00 – bun thang which consist of chicken broth, chicken, egg, pork, and some noodles.  it totally hit the spot!!

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losing muscle…

17 Dec

i weighed myself this morning, and i haven't gained weight!  but i prolly lost muscle.  my ass is flabs!  i can feel it when i run.  hahahaha, oh well.  i think i might have given up this week to workout. i do not feel good at all!  so much shit to do too…BLEH!  as long as i eat healthy this week, i won't gain any weight.

7:30 – soy chai latte
8:20 – omelet with tomatoes and spinach
10:30 – ends&pieces
12:15 – plantation chips and some shrimp carribbean dish.
2:30 – i think i had one tim tam cookie
5:00 – munched on ends&pieces
7:00 – we went to kim tar for dinner because i wanted to head to the mall w/o having to cook. i had won ton soup with chinese brocolli.  felt like i ate healthy.  heehehehe
oh ya, i had another soy chai latte walking around the mall.

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