sle – Tue Dec 30 2008

30 Dec

I need to find something new to do with exercising.  I gotta look HOT like my GFs when we go to Hawaii for Jaye's wedding.  HAHAHAHA.  Goal is to sign up for Crossfit in th next couple weeks, and look for more events to do this year.  I need to start using my Forerunner again.  I think I haven't used it in a month.  NOT GOOD!!!!  I gotta watch what I eat too.  Nothing too carby (back to GLUTEN free!!) and gotta stay away from the sugar.  No more tim tams for me next week.  No more chocolate!  No more baked goods!  **SIGH**

5:30 – worked on shoulders.  the plan is to go for a run at lunch.  we'll see if it happens…
7:00 – grande non-fat capp
9:15ish – working on my cliff bar
12:00 – salad from tj's.
as you can see…i totally didn't make it to the gym during lunch.
2:00 – i found a new snack!  edamame hummus!  it's gooooooooooood.  i'm eating it with crackers right now.
4:00 snacked on shrimp chips…no more of these next week
7:00 – steak with tomatoes

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One Response to “sle – Tue Dec 30 2008”

  1. Jan Marie December 30, 2008 at 10:32 am #

    WE WILL BE HOT FOR HAWAII!! I plan on buying a new bikini and be AB FABULOUS!! It's all in your diet! YOU CAN DO IT! Looks like I need to finish those boxes of Tim Tams this week=) SO GOOD! We can allow ourselves a treat every 2 weeks! Well, at least I will be!! LOL

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