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sle – Thu Jan 29 2009 – Rest Day

29 Jan

7:00 – multigran gran roll and my grande capp

10:30 – orange
12:00 – went to seto with my coworker.  i freakin' waited 40 minutes for my food.  i was sooo hungry!  they ended up giving me my food for free.  and it was yummy!

lobster roll, hamachi hand roll(no rice), and california hand roll (no rice)

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18.5% Body Fat – Goal is to get down to 12%

28 Jan

**BIG SIGH**.  I was really disappointed when I heard that number, even though I'm in the average for my BMI group.  I thought I would be 15% or something.  Judd would like me to be at 12%, gain more muscle and get stronger.  I hope I can do it.  This would mean that I need to get back to my wedding weight days.  Honestly, the Paleo Diet does not sound appealing at all!  Limited fruit?!?!  That is what I use to snack on instead of chips, candy, etc.  I heart fruit.  No dairy??!?!  Wow! I don't have much dairy…but still!  That means no more cappuccinos (as I'm sipping on one right now…hahaha).

Anyways, I think I'm going to try my best at sticking to the meal plans.  I gotta remember that I'm just eating healthy, and a little cheat here and there will not hurt, especially if I am staying active(because I love to exercise…says Tran).  Judd says 2 cheat meals a week, but maybe I'll have 3.  LOL.  I gotta remember the goal: Must look hot for Hawaii Weddings and must gain more muscle!!
Jahnny – Can you help me with my overhead squats?  You can practicing being a Coach on me!!  :-)
7:00 – 2.5 oz leftover salmon from last night and sippin' on my grande non-fat half-calf cappuccino
10:00 – the other 1 oz of my salmon and 1 egg white
11:30 – phung took me to sweet tomatoes.  i had spinach salad with all the veggies and mostly vinegarette and a little bit of olive oil.  i had one cup of veggie soup with some bread.  here comes the bad part: 2 blueberry muffins, 1 banana muffin top….AND then we went to a yogurt place after.  I got gelato.
So I think I pigged out because I am going to be restricted next week and eat super super healthy.  I must have control and stay healthy for 5 days straight!!!!

5:00 – had a small picked something…nem chua in vietnamese
6:00 – got to crossfit and we did Kelly.  Warm uped with a 400 m run.

5 rounds for time – My time was 30:32

  • 400 m run
  • 30 wall balls
  • 30 box jumps ( i scaled it by stepping)

My goal is to not scale box jumps soon.  I gotta get that hip action going. My hips are so tight.  I need to loosen them up.  More hip action STEPH!

8:00 – i grilled up some steak to make a steak salad.  I think I ate about 6oz, and not the 4oz that I was suppose to.  Oh well.  I marinated it with the Paleo Recipe (rosemary, thyme, and basil) with some grape seed oil.  I had it with salad, asparagus, and bell peppers.  YUM-O!  dessert:1/4 a grapefruit and an apple 

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sle – Tue Jan 27 2009

27 Jan

So I wanted to do the overhead lunges this morning with the burpees.  But, as I started the first round, I gave up.  I don't think I was doing it right.  My lunges weren't going all the way down.  Plus, I'm still super sore!!  I will rest my legs until tonight.

5:00 – biked with intervals for 30 minutes.  walked on treadmill for 10 minutes.
7:00- my grande capp and 1 egg white
9:00 – 1 hard boiled egg
11:30 – some fruit before lunch.  i went to dish dash for lunch.  i know…it's only Tuesday, but i didn't pack a lunch today.  easy excuse.  i had the chicken shawarma wrap(yogurt on the side) with a salad.  i didn't eat all of the salad(too much dressing now).  i ate all of the insides, and about 3/4 of the wrap. 🙂  i should be full until 5!!
3:20 – fruit and a fruit lather
6:00 – for 20 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of the following:
    • 5 front squats
    • 5 push something
    • 5 overhead squat
    • run 400m for 10 minutes
I did 15 rounds, although they were not perfect form at all.  The overhead squats were HARD.  My arms were shaking and I couldn't go all the way down on the squat.
7:30 – baked salmon with asparagus and carrots.  i actually tried the paleo recipe for the salmon.  not too bad.  i don't think it was salty enough for sean(or fatty enough).  lol.

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Chuc Mung Nam Moi – Happy Lunar New Year Ladies

26 Jan

Wishing you guys good luck and fortune for the year of the OX.

5:30 – i did cardio this morning.  i was on the treadmill for 42 minutes.  the first 32 minutes was walking and running between 3.0 and 7.0 mph.  i mainly wanted to get my heart rate up for the first 20  minutes(run at 6.0mph), then slow it down, then make it jump right back up(4.0-7.0mph).  i was sweating like a pig!  ICK!
7:00 – grande non-fat half-calf capp and a banana
9:50 – a bag of carrots, celery, and tomatoes
11:30 – i was hoping my coworker would diss out on me today, but nope…he made it.  we ran our usually 3.78 miles in 36.5 minutes.
1:40 – salad greens with cranberries.  drizzled in balsamic vinegarette dressing.  i also had half of my fruit plate.  i'll save the other half for later.
3:50 – the rest of my fruit(which wasn't much)…WOW it's 3:50 already…what am i still doing at work?
5:00 – some tamarind, orange, and 1 hard boiled egg.  i gotta stop snacking!!  I WAS HUNGRY!
7:30 – we got to tran's grandma's house after visiting my parents and grandma.  finally, we eat! hahaha.  i had some sticky rice with pork in it(some traditional vietnamese dish).  i also had sides of pickled cabbage and carrots.  oooh, and i had a piece of chicken breast.

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Last day of the Rat

25 Jan

9:00 – applesauce w/ some protein powder

11:00 – had a bowl of pho.  ate the beef balls and all of the beef, 1/3 of the noodles.  ooh ya, i had my cafe sua da.
12:30 – i made it to crossfit!!  we did barbara and i did it in 27:38.  not sure how good that is, and it was scaled.

5 rounds

  • 20 pull-ups (i did jumping pull-ups)
  • 30 push-ups
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 50 squats

5:00 – we had an early dinner at my mom's house.  she cooked up a big ole feast for the last meal.  i had a bowl of green papaya salad with shrimp and pork(little fish sauce), and some shrimp crackers.  then i went on to eat a small bowl of shrimp paste vermicilli noodle soup.  i was doing good until dessert came out.  1.5 cream puffs from beard papa.  how can i resist?  LOL.  it was delicious.  then i had some sweet bread.

good way to end the new year.  i'll work it off tomorrow. 

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sle – Sat Jan 24 2009

24 Jan

9:00 – a small bowl of stir-fried veggies left over from thursday. it had shrimp and tofu in it too. i also had an orange

10:00 – went to crossfit.  WOD was to do as many rounds in 20 minutes
    • 5 thrusters (30lb bar)
    • 7 hang power cleans (30 lb bar)
    • 10 Sumo Deadlift pull ups??  (30 lb bar)

I did 8 rounds.  I rested too much in between exercises and in between rounds

1:00 – munchin' on my raw almonds snack pack
3:00 – went to wing stop.  i had the 4 piece boneless chicken strips.  sauce on the side.  i dipped it in some bbq.  also had a side of carrots and celery.  i know…BAD.
6:30 – had some chicken breast from costco and boiled veggies.

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TGIF – 1/23/2009

23 Jan

no workout this morning.  stupid me snoozed too long.  my plan was to do the main site WOD from yesterday.  :-(

at least i woke up sore this morning.  and i think i pulled a muscle on my left calf.  i need to come earlier to classes and stretch out more.  i'm such a wimp this week…UGH!
7:00 – grande non-fat dry cappuccino.
8:30 – mostly egg white omelet with tomatoes, tofu, and spinach
12:00 – went to seto sushi.  i ordered a hamachi and california hand roll no rice.  i also ordered a lobster roll.  that came with a little bit of rice but on soy paper.  pretty freakin' tasty!
4:00 – i munched on tamarind. – i know bad, but i was super hungry
7:00 – went to pho 54. i ate all the beef, half the noodles, and sipped on soup.  i also had a cafe sau da
9:00 – orange

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