sle – Wednesday, January 07, 2009

7 Jan

i woke up at the butt crack of dawn, but no workout.  i didn't feel like, and i had to finish packing for Salt Lake City.  i'll be there for the rest of the week, so my healthy eating might not be so healthy.  we'll see what they provide for lunch and dinner. 

7:30 – banana and 1 egg white.

11:00 – grande capp
3:00 – cliff bar
7:00 – aah, they ordered mexican food for dinner, so i got a chicken salad with avocado.  i didn't eat much of the chicken because it was smothered in sour cream, and i didn't like it.  mostly salad and avocado(good fat!).
10:00 – back at the hotel and i'm hungry!  munchin' on some fruit snack.

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