sle – Mon Jan 12 2009

12 Jan

Happy Monday Voxers!  Let's see…I didn't run this weekend, but I did go to Crossfit and check out the gym.  We ended up staying and doing a "WOD", and now my hamstrings are sore!  Tran and I were both walking funny yesterday.  lol.

Anyways, I got a good start today…
5:15 – worked on triceps, and then did 6 other arm strengthening exercises.  then i ran/walked on the treadmill.  5 minutes walk, 20 minutes run, 5 minute cool down.  IT FELT SOOOOOOOO GOOD!
I got a busy workout schedule today.  I plan on running with my coworker.  We are finally getting back on track, since I was out last week.  Then I'm going to be at the 6pm Crossfit class.  Fun Fun Fun…no pain no gain!
7:20 – tall non-fat capp and my own version of starbucks veggie plate.  i have carrots, celery, and grape tomatoes with a small scoop of edamame hummus.  the hummus is delicious!!!
10:50 – the rest of my carrots and tomatoes with 1 egg white
11:45 – ran with my coworker!!  we did it.  3.1 miles non stop. hahaha, it's gonna take us a couple weeks to get back to the speed we are used to, but it felt good just getting out there.  it's such a nice day too!  i'm still sweating!  lol.
1:10 – chicken breast smothered in tj's curry sauce with brocolli and bell peppers.  i had a small cup of peruvian rice too.  gosh, i'm addicted to the rice!!
3:45 – a handful of almonds, cranberries, and a couple pieces of fruit lather!
5:15 – more almonds, cranberries, and fruit lather(pre-workout snack)
6:00 – O M F G!!!  This workout was hard!!  My partner was Ming, and we had to do virtual shovels with push ups and a 400 Meter run.  I ran all day today!!!  It was tough, but we got through it.  I think our time was like 40:44.  Our reps were 40-35-30-25-20-15.  GOOD JOB MING!!!
8:00 – small bowl of turkey chili with bell peppers and carrots. i also grabbed some veggies from the stir-fried plate that i made tran.  dessert: fruit lather!!!

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One Response to “sle – Mon Jan 12 2009”

  1. Rhonutz122 January 12, 2009 at 8:52 am #

    good job steph on saturday's class! I'm glad you guys are going to join. =)

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