sle – Tue Jan 13 2009

13 Jan

GOOD MORNING VOXERS!!  Gosh, I feel like I have so much energy today.  We'll see if it last, or if I end up falling asleep in the 3rd of the Sharks game.  lol.  My body isn't too sore, but I have a feeling it will creep up on me later today.

5:45 – I woke up pretty late this morning.  I got to the gym and biked for 20 minutes.  lol.
7:10 – Grande non-fat capp with a banana
9:30 – omelet with spinach and tomatoes
12:20 – im so lazy to get out of my seat and warm up my food, so i'm muchin' on almonds and cranberries to keep me full for the next hour.
1:30 – eating my turkey chili with a side of lettuce.  my coworker dissed out on our run today.  i'm hoping to go home and run by myself. 😉
4:30 – munched on strawberries, fruit lather
7:30 – i was bad and caved!  i should of eaten at home, but i didn't want to eat chili again.  i had it for lunch already!!  so i bought a turkey avocado sandwich(light mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles) at togos.  i had half the sandwich.  during the 2nd intermission i was getting sleepy, so tran bought a bag of peanut m&ms and we shared.  **sigh**!!  it was sure yummy!  hahaha.  well at least the peanuts give me some good fat.

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