sle – Thu Jan 15 2009

15 Jan

5:30 – I stepped on the treadmill this morning.  I worked on hills.

  • 5 min walk warm up
  • 10 min run at 6mph
  • 2 min run at 5.2mph with elevation @ 5; 2 min run elevation @ 6; 1 min run elevation @7 (x2)
  • 2 min run @5.2mph @ elevation 2
  • 5 min walk cool down
Afterwards, I practiced overhead squats.  I did 3 reps, with a bar.  I'm not sure how heavy the bar at my work is, lol.  Anyways, I need to stick my butt out more and get that arch in my lower back.
7:30 – some carrots with my grande half-calf capp.
9:00 – split an omelet with tran.  i used 1 whole free range eeg, and added 2 egg whites to it.  Mixed with spinach and grape tomatoes.
12:10 – some almonds and cranberries
1:00 – turkey chili w/ extra kidney beans.  dessert: apple
4:30 – i was getting my hair did and i was super hungry….so i splurged.  coffeecake at starbucks.  i ate the whole freakin' thing.  i should of gotten fruit but oh well.  then i had half of my tall non-fat 1 pump SFV CM.
8:30 – i found a can of minestrone soup, so i'm eating half of it.  i added extra peas to it.  i'm home by my lonesome tonight.  tran went to the hockey game with sean and a coworker.  GOOO SHARKS!  dessert: shrimp chips and fruit lather.

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