YAY, I’m 28 Today!

17 Jan

8:00 – i made a strawberry, blueberry yogurt whey protein shake today.  i also added some rice milk, sesame seed, and green powder.

10:00 – worked out at crossfit.  i'm going to copy ming's post.  i don't know what time we finished, but it was after ming's group.

    • ran 800 meters
    • 25x Squats 
    • 25x Overhead Squats
    • ran 400 meters
    • 25x Shoulder Press
    • 25x Shoulder Push Press
    • 25x Shoulder Press Jerk
    • ran 400 meters
    • 50x Clean and Jerk?
    • ran 400 meters
    • 50x Snatch
    • ran 400 meters

1:00 – munchin' on fruit lather.  
2:00 – we went to go grab a quick snack at jasmine thai.  i had 1 chicken satay and shared a small bowl of tom yum noodle soup with tran
4:30 – ate some green papaya salad, chicken rice, and a slice of b-day cake at my grandmas
8:00 – a small plate of salad and a piece of banana cream cake.  AAAH!  cake was delicious!
10:00 – got home and had some egg tarts and a glass of vodka and cranberry.

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2 Responses to “YAY, I’m 28 Today!”

  1. Rhonutz122 January 19, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    happy belated bday! i should of been there with you guys to crossfit, but i had a migraine. =(

  2. sle January 19, 2009 at 8:23 pm #

    thanks! hopefully we'll see you next saturday.

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