19 Jan

5:00 – 6 reps of the following:

    • 1 minute jump rope
    • 20 squats
    • arm strengthening exercise
    • 3 minutes (switching from 6.5 and 7.0)
I did a 5 minute walk for a cool down.  I want to try to perfect my squat.  Gotta remember to keep the core tight coming down, and arch the back!
7:00 – grande dry half-calf non-fat capp and a banana
11:00 – aaah, so hungry.  i'm trying to hold out till lunch.  i'm eating a small handful of cashews, pine nuts, etc.
12:00 – pigged out at dish dash today.  my coworker took me out for my b-day.  i had hummus and pita.  i ordered the greek salad with beef, no cheese, and dressing on the side.
3:15 – an egg tart.  i tried to eat just the egg and not the crust.
5:00 – i ate the rest of the egg in the egg tart.  i know…so bad, but at least i won't have any tomorrow
6:00 – we did two WODs today.  it felt good!  hopefully i'll feel sore tomorrow.

Warmup – Do as many rounds in 10 minutes

  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 row something
  • 10 calorie rows
  • 40 jump rope
  • and i think i missed something else

WOD #1 – 3 rounds for time 5:21

  • 10 thrusters (scaled to 30lb bar)
  • 10 burpees

WOD#2 – This was killer…i finished in 21:46

  • 10 hang power clean (30lb bar)
  • 200 meter run
  • 9 hang power clean
  • 200 meter run
  • 8 hang power clean
  • 200 meter run
  • and it keeps going until you hit 1 hang power clean

7:45 – 4oz steak with spinach and minestrone soup

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