My Day in SF

19 Jan

I definitely ended the weekend with great food!

7:00 – cappuccino and a couple bits of reduced fat cranberry apple muffin from starbucks
12:00 – tran and i found a restaurant called pacific catch.  i had the ahi poke wasabi bowl.  it was too die for!  i love it when a restaurant asks whether or not i want white or brown rice.  :-)  i didn't finish my dish, but i did pick on some salmon off of tran's dish.  ooh, they had sweet potato fries too.  YUMMY!
4:00 – a couple bits of an ice cream sandwich
7:00 – tran's mom made dinner for us.  i had green papaya salad, broiled catfish with some noodles, and small bowl of fish portridge.  dessert: egg tart and a slice of pound cake.  i regret eating the pound cake now, im paying for it.
okay…no more desserts now.

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