Inauguration Day- 1/20/2009

20 Jan

aah, my ankle is not working with me.  i think i twisted it last night in the early hang clean reps, but i kept going.  now, this morning every time i try to stretch my foot, it hurts.  doing ankle roll feels funny too.  BLEH, i rarely get hurt, soooo i hate it!

5:00 – worked on triceps, then 15 minutes on elliptical.  ankle was bothering me, and i figure i'd rest it until lunch.  hopefully i'll be able to run.
7:00 – grande half-calf non-fat capp and a banana
9:00 – 1hard boiled egg
11:30 – 1 egg white
11:45 – walked a mile on the treadmill.
12:35 – 1.5 oz pack of raw nuts and raisins; a bowl full of Vietnamese green papaya salad
2:25 – apple
4:00 – fruit lather.  my sister dropped off some cupcakes she bought in NY.  i took a really small slice out of the red velvet cupcake one.  small slice 😉
7:00 – aaah, i definitely ate my heart out tonight.  we took tran's uncle's family out to Birk's Steakhouse.  This place is good.  You know why I know it's good?!?!?!  THE BREAD!!!  It was sooooooooooo soft.  So i definitely ate more carbs than normal.  I had some grilled artichoke, half of my prime rib, and  a spinach salad.  Oh ya, and I shared creme brulee with Tran.

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