Now I’m Paying For It :-(

21 Jan

Birthday weekend bit me in the ass, BIG TIME!  I weighed myself today and I gained a good 4lbs.  Damn, all the cakes I ate, especially the cheesecake!  **SIGH**.  No more celebrating.  Time to get my shit together and get focused!!

What sucks is that I weighed myself right after I decided not to go to the gym this morning.  I have jury duty, so I wanted to get in there, tell my sob story, and get dismissed.  lol.  I'm bringing eggs and an apple to the courthouse.  Hopefully I can go home and eat when it's lunch time.
8:00 – going to starbucks to get my java and banana.
11:00 – 1 egg white
12:00 – so hungry and still waiting…apple
12:30 – i took a 25 minute walk to grab lunch.  i got half a subway sandwich, but i haven't eaten it yet.  not hungry.
3:00 – chillin' at starbucks eating my subway sandwich and another cup of cap.
7:00 – i had about 3oz of brown pasta with lean ground beef spaghetti.  dessert: fruit lather and apple

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One Response to “Now I’m Paying For It :-(”

  1. Jan Marie January 21, 2009 at 10:03 am #

    No worries Stephy!! Give it two weeks and the 4 lbs will be gone!! It was you birthday:-D

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