sle – Thu Jan 22 2009

22 Jan

5:00 – worked on biceps.  in between reps i did 6 arm strengthening exercises. plan on doing cardio at lunch

7:00 – half-calf non-fat capp and banana
9:30 – a clementine
10:40 – 1 egg white
11:00 – ran a 5k at 6.2 mph.  then i walked the rest until the clock said 60 minutes.
1:00 – brown rice spaghetti with organic greens
3:00 – a few almonds, clementine, and i'm going to warm up some of my mashed sweet potatoes
5:30 – some fruit lather
6:00 – I started with the 15lb, but then Coach told me to switch to the 10lb.  THANK GOD!

5 rounds for time

    • 10 DB snatch left hand
    • 10 DB snatch right hand
    • 10 push ups

I'm not sure if I got the form right, but my knees are definitely gonna be stiff tomorrow.  

8:00 – a small bowl of veggies, tofu, shrimp, and slices of round eye beef.  i stir-fried it for tran with organic tamari sauce.

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