TGIF – 1/23/2009

23 Jan

no workout this morning.  stupid me snoozed too long.  my plan was to do the main site WOD from yesterday.  :-(

at least i woke up sore this morning.  and i think i pulled a muscle on my left calf.  i need to come earlier to classes and stretch out more.  i'm such a wimp this week…UGH!
7:00 – grande non-fat dry cappuccino.
8:30 – mostly egg white omelet with tomatoes, tofu, and spinach
12:00 – went to seto sushi.  i ordered a hamachi and california hand roll no rice.  i also ordered a lobster roll.  that came with a little bit of rice but on soy paper.  pretty freakin' tasty!
4:00 – i munched on tamarind. – i know bad, but i was super hungry
7:00 – went to pho 54. i ate all the beef, half the noodles, and sipped on soup.  i also had a cafe sau da
9:00 – orange

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