sle – Tue Jan 27 2009

27 Jan

So I wanted to do the overhead lunges this morning with the burpees.  But, as I started the first round, I gave up.  I don't think I was doing it right.  My lunges weren't going all the way down.  Plus, I'm still super sore!!  I will rest my legs until tonight.

5:00 – biked with intervals for 30 minutes.  walked on treadmill for 10 minutes.
7:00- my grande capp and 1 egg white
9:00 – 1 hard boiled egg
11:30 – some fruit before lunch.  i went to dish dash for lunch.  i know…it's only Tuesday, but i didn't pack a lunch today.  easy excuse.  i had the chicken shawarma wrap(yogurt on the side) with a salad.  i didn't eat all of the salad(too much dressing now).  i ate all of the insides, and about 3/4 of the wrap. 🙂  i should be full until 5!!
3:20 – fruit and a fruit lather
6:00 – for 20 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of the following:
    • 5 front squats
    • 5 push something
    • 5 overhead squat
    • run 400m for 10 minutes
I did 15 rounds, although they were not perfect form at all.  The overhead squats were HARD.  My arms were shaking and I couldn't go all the way down on the squat.
7:30 – baked salmon with asparagus and carrots.  i actually tried the paleo recipe for the salmon.  not too bad.  i don't think it was salty enough for sean(or fatty enough).  lol.

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