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TGIF…FINALLY!!! – 2/27/09

27 Feb

5:00 – Got to the gym this morning and decided to practice my thrusters.  My goal is to do the 65# bar for the competition, but we will see.  I only went up to 55# today.

I did 5 burpees in between each set.  I wasn't timing myself either, so I rested in between each exercise.  My average on the burpees is 15 seconds for 5.  Definitely not fast enough.  I'll practice more next week, and see if I'm comfortable with 65#.
6:30 – scarfed down grapes and strawberries.  i need to get a real breakfast if i want to run later.  i didn't really pack anything today.
7:15 – tall non-fat decaf cappuccino.  went to hobees and picked up a low-fat egg substitute omelet with ground turkey, spinach, and tomatoes.  i said no cheese, but i think they might have fucked up.  and can you believe i said no coffeecake!!!  **SIGH**
10 – munchin' on fruit lather and cuties
11:30 – ran with my coworker outside.  3.78 miles.  it felt soooooooooo good!  it's such a nice day outside.  i felt like i could go on forever!
12:30 – went to daphne's greek cafe and i got the chicken greek salad no feta.  eeeh, i wish i got the sandwich instead, but i resisted.  we also went to peets coffee, and i got another iced vanilla decaf non-fat latte.
5:00 – muchin' on fruit lather and grapes
7:00 – we had hot pot tonight.  it was yummy, and i didn't have any noodles.

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sle – Thu Feb 26 2009

26 Feb

5:00 – I did the Main Site WOD at work today.

  • Walking lunge 100 ft.
  • 21 Pull-ups
  • 21 Sit-ups
  • Walking lunge 100 ft.
  • 18 Pull-ups
  • 18 Sit-ups
  • Walking lunge 100 ft.
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • 15 Sit-ups
  • Walking lunge 100 ft.
  • 12 Pull-ups
  • 12 Sit-ups
  • Walking lunge 100 ft.
  • 9 Pull-ups
  • 9 Sit-ups
  • Walking Lunge 100 ft.
  • 6 Pull-ups
  • 6 Sit-ups

Time: 13:40

Biked for 20 minutes afterwards.
7:00 – i got a tall soy chai tea latte today.  i know, no soy for paleo, but whatevs..i need the extra calcium.
7:45 – 3.5 oz chicken breast and a cutie
10- muchin on grapes and strawberries.  had some cashews and almonds too
11:45 – went to armadillo willy's and had some ribs, chicken, and brisket.  YUMMY!
ok bad eating habits for the rest of the day.  let's see, i snacked on some fruit. around 4ish, i went to yogurt works with my coworker and had a lot of yogurt.  lol.  then tran and i went to in n out and i had a protein cheeseburger.  i could of held off on the spread and cheese, but oh well.  at least i didn't have the bread.

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No REFINED CARBS Challenge! – 2/25/09

25 Feb

Jan is doing this for lent, and even though I'm not catholic, I'm going to join her.  Let's see how my will power holds up. No refined carbs for 40 something days…..WOO HOO!  I will allow some sweet potatoes, and anything that is not made with flour(like mung beans noodles.)  Wish me luck ladies!!!

5:00 – I did Monday's WOD, but modified.  

  • 50 SDHP (25lb bar)
  • 21 Push Press (45lb)
  • .25 miles @ 6.2mph
  • 18 Push Press
  • 50 SDHP
  • 15 Push Press
  • .25 miles @ 6.4 mph
  • 12 Push Press
  • 50 SDHP
Time: 23:32

I added the extra SDHP in the end, because I finished way to earlier.  So I challenged myself a little.  When Jan and I were talking about this WOD monday, I was suppose to do the 65#.  LOL.  What a joke that was.  I tried it this morning, and I would not have gotten through the WOD.  I did 55# last time, but that was for max rep.  I need to work on elbows staying up and wrist back as far as possibly.  My chest keeps going forward too.  I have to work on getting the chest to straighten out.
7:30 – a couple pieces of apples and decaf short americano.  warmed up my breakfast afterwards…2 egg whites with sardines and a little bit of organic ketchup.  also had a couple pieces of asparagus (approx 170 calories)
10:30 – apple, cantaloupe, and cashews and cranberries(289 calories)
1:30 – salmon with some broccoli and asparagus(238 calories)
2:30 – munchin' on grapes and fruit lather(314 calories)
5:00 – grapes (170 calories)

6:00 – Mainsite WOD today.  1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Push Jerk.  My load was 65-70-75-80-85-90-95(F).  I'm sad I failed on the 95, but it was getting hard for me.  I tried a few times with the 95# too.  Oh well, next time!!  We did TABATA for squats, and I had a total of 98.
8:00 – 5 oz of jumbo shrimp with broccoli and asparagus.  dessert:  4 fruit lather pieces. (345 calories)
TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED: 1518  - Hmm…not bad!

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sle – Tue Feb 24 2009

24 Feb

wowzer, i consumed a lot of calories yesterday.  i might need to cut it down a bit. heeehehe.  no exercise this morning, because i'll be running later and taking two crossfit classes tonight.

7:00 – decaf short americano with egg white omelet and some sardines.
9:00 – apples and cantaloupe
9:40 – aah, i had a girl scout cookie.  one ducle de leche.  it's like shortbread with caramel chips and sauce in it.  YUM!
11:00 – another apple
11:30 – ran with my coworker on the treadmill.  a total of 45 minutes, for 3.8 miles.  i ran 31 minutes of it.  i can't wait to run outside again.  it's so boring on the treadmill
12:50 – 1 cup of cabbage and 1 medium chicken breast.

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Monday Resets – 2/23/09

23 Feb

AAAH, I feel so grossed out now that I think about what I had over the weekend.  Let's see, lots of oil, fat, refined carbs, and sodium (Thai, Korean, Chinese).  HAHAA, to top it off I had crazy bread from little ceasars last night.  I actually got just the bread(no butter, no parmesean cheese).  It was great!  But now I feel gross, and need to restart again.  I gotta remember to not cheat so much on the weekends.  I mean, one or two meals, that's fine…but 3 full days!  LOL.  And, I don't feel good when I overeat.  It's so uncomfortable!!!

5:00 – So I did the WOD that everyone did at the NorCal competition in Oakland this past weekend.
  • 10 minutes Ellipitcal – Warm up
  • 30 power cleans (35lb)
  • 30 push jerks (35lb)
  • 30 burpees
  • 10 minutes Elliptical – Cool down
Time: 12:29 – How pathetic is that huh?  Judd, Michaela, and Steve did the whole thing in 11:57…RX'ed too!!!  LOL.  I suck at burpees and wasn't pushing myself.  Afterwards I tried a couple reps with the 45lb bar.  I guess I could of used the 45lb bar, but I was by myself, so  I wanted to be a bit carefully.  Plus, I'll be exercising again later. 🙂  
7:00 – decaf short americano w/ 1 pump SFH.  1 egg white
7:45 – 3 egg white omelet with tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.  Also had a cutie. (approx 210 calories)
10:30 – cantaloupe and half an apple (approx 113 calories)
11:40- ran and walked for a total of 4 miles in 50 minutes.  I walked maybe 15 minutes out of the 40.  It was a good run, although I didn't run as fast as normal.  5.5-6.6mph.  My right shine was feeling really tight.
12:50 – beef chili with asparagus and zuccinni squash, and 2 cuties (approx 330 calories)
3:00 – omega trek mix (170 calories)
5:00 – fruit lather and a protein smoothie (469 calories)
6:00 – Judd wanted us to do metabolic conditioning today instead of the main site WOD.  He said it would prepare us for the March 7th Competition.

Team WOD(3 per team – Jaye, Tu, and Me) 3 RFT

  • 100 m Row
  • 10 wall balls
  • 15 KB
  • 10 wall balls
  • 100 m Row

Time: 26:36

7:15 – 4oz chicken breast marinated w/ a little bit of Tamari Sauce.  Added cauliflower and snow peas to the mix.  dessert: 2 cuties…but I may have something else! (347 calories)
8:30 – I had two pieces of sweet bread…After all that exercise, I deserve a little cheat!  hahahha (400 calories)

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sle – Sat Feb 21 2009

21 Feb

I've already created my workout schedule for next week.  It's intense, so hopefully I can stick to it!

6:30 – 2 egg whites, 4 big strawberries, an apple, and 3 slices of cantaloupe
8:40 – 1/2 serving of ends&pieces

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TGIF – 2/20/09

20 Feb

HAPPY FRIDAY GIRLES!  I am going to be a spectator at the Norcal Competition at Crossfit Oakland this weekend. But I would definitely want to participate on March 7th when it's at the CFSV gym.

Yesterday was a bad eating day for me, because I over did it again.  I didn't know when to put down the fruit lather, and was uncomfortable during the first period of the Sharks game.  BLEH!  Double workout day today.

6:00 – Today was rest day on the main site, so I did Tabata, since it's what I missed on Monday.

8 rounds – 4 minutes each station, 20 sec work – 10 sec rest

  • Squats -100
  • Push ups -76
  • Sit ups -76
  • Pull Ups (assisted) – 67

TOTAL = 319 – As you can see, I wasn't really pushing myself.  LOL.

7:15 – 2 cuties, and a decaf short americano (81 calories)

8:10 – egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes (154 calories)
10:00 – an apple and cutie

11:30 – ran with my coworker on the treadmill.  walked for 5 minutes, ran for 3.25 miles, and then walked for another 10 minutes.  this workout really woke me up.
I had a pork chop for lunch, but then I left work early.  I picked up a turkey sandwich(no cheese, no mayo, no mustard) from california sourdough and scarfed it down.  lol.  NO MORE OF THAT!!

Dinner – Thai food…YUM!

Definitely some splurge meals in there…MONDAY WILL BE A RESET, but for the weekend, I'm going to try to eat healthy.

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