Reset to Jan 1 2009

2 Feb

AAAH FINALLY!  After the Holidays, it's all about my birthday, Vietnamese New Year, more birthdays, and the superbowl.  It's time to reset and think about what I want to do with 2009.  EAT HEALTHY!!!  I'm excited for this week. I was so excited, I couldn't really sleep last night.  I was just tossing and turning about my workouts today.  I know..I'm gay, but it happens…ALOT!

5:00 – This morning's workout was a little bit light, but it's ok.  I got my sweat on anyways.  hahaha. My goal this morning was to practice my squats and overhead squat.
  • 6 arm strengthening exercises
  • 15 squats ( in between the arm exercises) = 90 squats
  • 5-6-6-6: Overhead squat with 15 or 20lb bar.  I don't know…
  • 20 minute elliptical
I practiced squats using the wall method(super close to the wall w/o touching it).  I tried to look up most of the time, and stay on my heels with abs tights.  When I did the overhead squat, I wasn't able to go as low as I would like.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm short or if it's because my back can't arch much with the bar over my head.  
grande half-calf americano with 1 pump Sugar Free Hazelnut (15 calories) 
  • But damn, I didn't know there was a lot of caffeine in it.  I probably only going to drink half anyways, but still 255 milligrams in a grande!!!  At least I got half-caf.  

shrimp, onion, celery salad with lemon juice and pepper.  this is YUMMY!(approx 160 calories)

10:30 – (approx 180 calories)
1 medium slice cantelope
1 cup of applesauce with 1/4 a cup of protein powder…I DO NOT LIKE APPLESAUCE, but I can't make a shake at work…so I have to eat the protein somehow.
11:30 – 3.74 mile run in 37:15
1:15 – 4 oz pork chops marinated in lemon juice, rosemary, and thyme. (paleo recipe).  i had grilled asparagus and red peppers.  also had boiled bok choy. (approx. 300 calories)
3:20 – a small bag of raw nuts (220 calories!!) and a cutie.

5:15 – protein shake(strawberries, blueberries, whey protein, ice, and water) – calories approx 203
6:00 – Crossfit workout
I paired up with Sampath and we had to do 240 pull ups/dips.  I did about 160 dips and about 150 pull ups(half with green band, half with black band).
TRAN GOT HIS FIRST MUSCLE UP!!!  SO PROUD OF HIM, but of course it would be easy for him. 
8:00 – 3.5 oz of red snapper with boiled broccoli and carrots.  dessert: 3 cuties (calories approx:350)

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2 Responses to “Reset to Jan 1 2009”

  1. Jan Marie February 3, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    YOU'RE CRAZY!! That's a lot of working out!! Maybe you should talk to Judd about your additional workouts and your targeted caloric intake. 1400-1500 seems very little for what you are doing and you could be burning your muscle instead of fat. I eat like 1800-2000!!…and of course the muscle up was easy for Tran! UGH! hahaha Great job!!!

  2. sle February 3, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    I can't help not working out! I don't know what to do with my time in the mornings. LOL.

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