TGIF – Feb 6 2009

6 Feb

AAAH, Finally made it.  You don't know how many times I thought about food this week, and what I was going to make the next day or even next week.  It's a little scary.  Makes me wonder if I'm obsessed with food.  Our refrigerator is soooo empty today.  We used up all the food that we bought the past weekend, and we barely started Friday.  We need to definitely stock up on more protein and veggies.  I didn't cheat at all(Monday-Thursday).  We'll see how today goes though.  I didn't really pack a lunch, and I have a cliff bar.  I don't think that is paleo friendly, but it's ok.  It's still healthy.  I also bought some extra fruit from Starbucks.

5:00 – I DID THE MAIN SITE WOD!!  Thank god for my iphone and youtube.  I was able to look up the videos on how to do them, because I still get confused with the movements.  Also, I only increased my weight by 5lbs per set.  I know I suck…but I didn't have anyone to spot me.  I wish I could do more…patience Steph…patience!
  • Shoulder press 35lbx1-40lbx1-45lbx1-50lbx1-55lbx1 
  • Push press 35lbx3-40lbx3-45lbx3-50lbx3-55lbx3 
  • Push Jerk 35lbx5-40lbx5-45lbx5-50lbx5-55lbx5 
I was wobbly with the 55lb, but I finished.  I was very happy. YAY!!
Cooled down with a 10 minute walk on the treadmill.
7:00 – short americano with 1pump SFH, and starbucks fruit cup(102 calories)
10:40 – omega  trex mix bag and 3.3 oz of turkey pattie. 

11:00 – ran with my coworker on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  cool down for 10.

12:30 – phung and i went to whole foods.  i wasn't going to eat  but the food looked so good.  i got a teriyaki chicken wing with kale seaweed salad and bok choy.  it had a bit too much soy sauce for paleo but oh well.  (approx 550 calories)

2:30 – 2 cuties(60 calories)

6:00 – Tran and I went to eat pho.  I had half the noodles with 1 1/2 servings of beef and beef balls.  I could of done w/o the beef balls.  Also, I had a cafe sua da.  Dessert: 3 cuties (approx 600 calories)

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