Rest Day – 2/8/09

8 Feb

I wanted to run this morning, but eeeh, I'll wait till next week to start training for real.  I don't know about the eating day today.  I'll try not to splurge too much, but I think I want to go to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner already…LOL.

7:15 – a couple slices of steamed pork(cha lua)
7:30 – blueberry(1/2cup), strawberries smoothie with 1 1/2 scoops of whey protein
10:00 – omega trex mix (170 calorie)
11:30 – met tran at the bun bo hue place on tully.  i had a small bowl, left half of the noodles (450)
ive been munchin on stuff every since i've been home.  it's only because i'm trying to prep for the week.  lol.
2:30 – went to Sue's house for the Greenhouse party.  i had a lot of fruit and 3 brownie bites.  i know..bad
6:00 – I PIGGED OUT AT SWEET TOMATOES!!  It was sooo bad, but it was good.  I paid for it afterwards.  I was sooo uncomfortable with the ride home.  I couldn't really get comfortable until 2 hours afterwards.  I had a plate of spinach salad, two veggie soups, some grapes and pineapple, a blueberry muffin, and i finished off with some non-fat vanilla yogurt with one scoop of chocolate lava cake on the bottom. LOL.  i was already full before i had the vanilla yogurt.  
I made Tran promise to stop me from eating next time, like how I pester him about eating.  LOL.

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