TGIF – 2/20/09

20 Feb

HAPPY FRIDAY GIRLES!  I am going to be a spectator at the Norcal Competition at Crossfit Oakland this weekend. But I would definitely want to participate on March 7th when it's at the CFSV gym.

Yesterday was a bad eating day for me, because I over did it again.  I didn't know when to put down the fruit lather, and was uncomfortable during the first period of the Sharks game.  BLEH!  Double workout day today.

6:00 – Today was rest day on the main site, so I did Tabata, since it's what I missed on Monday.

8 rounds – 4 minutes each station, 20 sec work – 10 sec rest

  • Squats -100
  • Push ups -76
  • Sit ups -76
  • Pull Ups (assisted) – 67

TOTAL = 319 – As you can see, I wasn't really pushing myself.  LOL.

7:15 – 2 cuties, and a decaf short americano (81 calories)

8:10 – egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes (154 calories)
10:00 – an apple and cutie

11:30 – ran with my coworker on the treadmill.  walked for 5 minutes, ran for 3.25 miles, and then walked for another 10 minutes.  this workout really woke me up.
I had a pork chop for lunch, but then I left work early.  I picked up a turkey sandwich(no cheese, no mayo, no mustard) from california sourdough and scarfed it down.  lol.  NO MORE OF THAT!!

Dinner – Thai food…YUM!

Definitely some splurge meals in there…MONDAY WILL BE A RESET, but for the weekend, I'm going to try to eat healthy.

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