Monday Resets – 2/23/09

23 Feb

AAAH, I feel so grossed out now that I think about what I had over the weekend.  Let's see, lots of oil, fat, refined carbs, and sodium (Thai, Korean, Chinese).  HAHAA, to top it off I had crazy bread from little ceasars last night.  I actually got just the bread(no butter, no parmesean cheese).  It was great!  But now I feel gross, and need to restart again.  I gotta remember to not cheat so much on the weekends.  I mean, one or two meals, that's fine…but 3 full days!  LOL.  And, I don't feel good when I overeat.  It's so uncomfortable!!!

5:00 – So I did the WOD that everyone did at the NorCal competition in Oakland this past weekend.
  • 10 minutes Ellipitcal – Warm up
  • 30 power cleans (35lb)
  • 30 push jerks (35lb)
  • 30 burpees
  • 10 minutes Elliptical – Cool down
Time: 12:29 – How pathetic is that huh?  Judd, Michaela, and Steve did the whole thing in 11:57…RX'ed too!!!  LOL.  I suck at burpees and wasn't pushing myself.  Afterwards I tried a couple reps with the 45lb bar.  I guess I could of used the 45lb bar, but I was by myself, so  I wanted to be a bit carefully.  Plus, I'll be exercising again later. 🙂  
7:00 – decaf short americano w/ 1 pump SFH.  1 egg white
7:45 – 3 egg white omelet with tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.  Also had a cutie. (approx 210 calories)
10:30 – cantaloupe and half an apple (approx 113 calories)
11:40- ran and walked for a total of 4 miles in 50 minutes.  I walked maybe 15 minutes out of the 40.  It was a good run, although I didn't run as fast as normal.  5.5-6.6mph.  My right shine was feeling really tight.
12:50 – beef chili with asparagus and zuccinni squash, and 2 cuties (approx 330 calories)
3:00 – omega trek mix (170 calories)
5:00 – fruit lather and a protein smoothie (469 calories)
6:00 – Judd wanted us to do metabolic conditioning today instead of the main site WOD.  He said it would prepare us for the March 7th Competition.

Team WOD(3 per team – Jaye, Tu, and Me) 3 RFT

  • 100 m Row
  • 10 wall balls
  • 15 KB
  • 10 wall balls
  • 100 m Row

Time: 26:36

7:15 – 4oz chicken breast marinated w/ a little bit of Tamari Sauce.  Added cauliflower and snow peas to the mix.  dessert: 2 cuties…but I may have something else! (347 calories)
8:30 – I had two pieces of sweet bread…After all that exercise, I deserve a little cheat!  hahahha (400 calories)

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